Day One Song Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Day One Bio

Day One is a band from Bristol consisting of Phelim Byrne and Matthew Hardwidge. They were originally signed to Virgin/Melancolik, the record label started by Massive Attack. Their début album, Ordinary Man, was released in 2000 to critical acclaim. Music from the LP was used in film soundtracks such as Cruel Intentions, The Big Tease and TV productions such as Six Feet Under, Trigger Happy TV and multi national advertising campaigns. Their second album Probably Art was released in October 2007 on One Little Indian. The song, "Bad Before Good", from Probably Art, was featured in an episode of the second season of Skins, and their song "Cosmopolita" on the U.S. series, Cashmere Mafia.

The band played their first concerts for seven years in London and Paris. They played the international music festival circuit in 2008, and are writing their next album, working with Beastie Boys/Beck producer, Mario Caldato Jr.

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