Davina Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Davina Lyrics - by Popularity

1 On Some Real
2 I Get It
3 Jealousy
4 Most Hated
5 When I'm Gone
6 Expozed
7 Gotcha
8 Better With You
9 You Ain't A Friend
10 Sorry
11 Mommy's Pride N' Joy
12 Agony N' Ecstacy
13 Somethin To Say
14 See Ya From The Top
15 Beast Mode Mix
16 Ain't That Type
17 I Can't Help It
18 Big Leaguin'
19 I'm Still Here
20 Now You've Been Seduced
21 So Good (radio version)
22 Just For Fun
23 La Cantante
24 Leave Me Alone
25 So Good (a cappella)
26 War Of Words
27 The Sweetest Revenge
28 So Good
29 Beauty in the Beast
30 Represent
31 Know Your Place
32 Reminiscin' (feat. Tito B)
33 On My Own
34 Two Can Play That Game
35 Shinin Star
36 Somebody Please
37 All I Got Is Me
38 To Your Level
39 'Til I See You Again
40 'Til I See You Again Davina
41 Tell Your Little Story
42 Can't Help It
43 Your Memory Lives On
44 The Way You Do
45 Come Over to My Place
46 Soo Good
47 Keep Calm (I'm From the Bay)
48 Next Bitch
49 Comin' for You
50 Bay Luv
51 If I Go
52 Reminiscin'
53 Refuse to Change
54 When It Rains
55 Rather Be
56 Keepin' It Lit (Intro)
57 H.I.D.D.E.N. Agendas
58 The Last Laugh Is Mine
59 Only One Reason
60 Goin' In Circles Davina
61 I'll Be Your Lesson Learned
62 Got Nothin' On Me
63 After the Rain
64 See Right Through You
65 My Dreams
66 Never Fall Again
67 My Cryin' Blues
68 Star Player
69 Did it for the Money
70 Respect
71 Come Over to My Place (album version)
72 It's All You (Ooh Wee)
73 Keep Your Name Alive
74 Me N You
75 So Good (So dirty remix)
76 My Motion Picture

Davina Bio

Davina (born Davina Bussey) is an American R&B vocalist and musician. Davina grew up in Detroit, ran her own dance music record label, and worked as a recording engineer before signing with Loud Records. Her 1997 single "So Good" became the theme song for the film Hoodlum. Raekwon of Wu-Tang Clan and Xzibit each appeared on remixed versions of the song. The 1998 album Best of Both Worlds reached the #34 position on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and #180 on the Billboard 200, 2 of 3 singles released from the album became hits on both Billboard R&B and Pop Charts.

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