David Mead Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

David Mead Bio

David Mead is an American singer-songwriter known for writing songs in classic pop music style and possessing a unique, high voice. Born in 1973 in Syosset, New York to David Mead Sr. and Sheryll Mead, he moved often during his childhood, mostly residing within the Southern United States. He eventually settled in Nashville, Tennessee, where he spent the early part of his career in bands such as Verdant Green and Blue Million.

Mead became a guitarist and backup vocalist with Nashville-based band Joe, Marc's Brother. The founding members of that band amicably encouraged Mead to pursue a solo career due to differing artistic visions. Reluctantly, he began to perform on his own around Nashville, eventually attracting the attention of his current manager, Kip Krones. Kip shopped a demo of Mead's songs to several record labels, including RCA Records, the label that signed him in 1998 after he performed solo with a guitar in the company's offices.

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