David Fonseca Lyrics

Genre: Rock

David Fonseca Lyrics - by Popularity

1 A Cry 4 Love
2 U Know Who I Am
3 This One's So Different
4 (Baby) All I Ever Wanted
5 Walk Away When You're Winning
6 Little Things II
7 Our Hearts Will Beat As One II - Live Olga Cadaval
8 All That I Wanted
9 We're So Much Better Than This
10 Morning Tide (I Just Can't Remember)
11 Who Are U? - Live Olga Cadaval
12 Queen of the Golden Sounds
13 I Would Have Gone and Loved You Anyway
14 You and I (A Letter to S.)
15 It Means I Love You
16 So You Want To Save The World
17 Swim II
18 It Shall Pass
19 Silent Void
20 Cold Heart II
21 At Your Door
22 Kiss Me, Oh Kiss Me
23 Hold Still II
24 Heartbroken
25 The 80's
26 Start Over Again II
27 On My Feet Again
28 Do you really believe that love Will keep you from getting hurt?
29 Come Into My Heart II
30 I'll See You in My Dreams
31 In Love With Yourself
32 Our Hearts Will Beat As One II
33 A Cry 4 Love - (remix)
34 Jardins Proibidos
35 My Sunshine And My Rain
36 A Cry 4 Love - Strings Version
37 Under the Willow
38 Now That I Am You
39 Orange Tree
40 The Beating of the Drums
41 Playing Bowies With Me
42 Song to the Siren (Live)
43 Every Time We Kiss
44 There's Nothing Wrong With Us
45 Revolution Edit
46 Who Are U? (Live)
47 It Feels Like Something
48 Owner Of Her Heart
49 Summer Will Bring You Over
50 Dreams In Color
51 Heavy Heart (It Won't Go Away)
52 It's Just A Dream II
53 You And I (Letter To S.)
54 Oh Christmas Tree
55 Armageddon
56 Cold Heart II - Live Olga Cadaval
57 I'll Never Hang My Head Down
58 Whatever the Heart Desires
59 Stop 4 A Minute