Dave Hollister Lyrics

Genre: Soul

Dave Hollister Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Call On Me
2 Don't Take My Girl Away
3 Help Me
4 More Of You
5 Baby Mama Drama
6 Just Worship
7 Can't Stay
8 Glow
9 Cheaterlude (interlude)
10 I'm Sorry (my Favorite Girl Remix)
11 Striving
12 We've Come Too Far
13 Baby Mama Drama/it's Alright (bonus Hymn)
14 Falling In Love Again
15 Bring It To Dave (interlude)
16 Bless Me
17 Before I Let You Go
18 You Are
19 Came in the Door Pimpin'
20 Champion
21 Things In The Game Done Changed
22 Almost
23 We Gonna Make It (Mama E's Song)
24 Ghetto Hymns (The Introduction)
25 Standing
26 Keep Forgettin'
27 Tell Me Why
28 One Woman Man
29 I Lied
30 Love Hate Relationship
31 Take Care of Home
32 My Feelin's
33 Don't Stop
34 Yo Baby's Daddy
35 Real Talk
36 You Can't Say
37 The Program
38 Look Up
39 Give Me A Reason
40 No One
41 Pump The Brakes
42 Secret Place
43 Spend The Night
44 I’m Different
45 A Women Will
46 My Favourite Girl
47 Good Ole Ghetto
48 I’m Waiting
49 Destiny
50 Keep Lovin’ You
51 Case is Closed
52 Cold
53 Doin' Wrong
54 Baby Do Those Things
55 One Addiction
56 Wish You Well
57 I'm Here
58 My Everything
59 Chicago Winds
60 I Don't Want to Be a Hustler
61 Come Inside My Room (Interlude)
62 Afraid To Lose
63 I'm Not Complete
64 Keep Lovin' You (Remix)
65 Lave Hate Relationship
66 Done
67 Interlude (i'm Not Complete)
68 The Big Payback
69 Bad When U Broke
70 Take This Picture
71 Keep On Lovin'
72 Reason With Your Body
73 Neverland
74 Missin' You
75 I Know I Can
76 Karma
77 Keep Lovin' You (Radio Edit)
78 Spend The Night (Teddy Riley Remix)
79 On the Side
80 My Favorite Girl
81 Church
82 For You
83 The Greatest
84 Pleased Tonight
85 It's Okay
86 Never Gonna Change
87 Respect 2 Him (outro)
88 What Should I Say
89 Tonite
90 What's A Man To Do
91 Round And Round
92 Calm Da Seas
93 I'm Wrong
94 Winning With You

Dave Hollister Bio

Dave Hollister (born August 17, 1970 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American R&B vocalist who found fame during the 1990s as one quarter of the Platinum-selling R&B quartet BLACKstreet before going on to a solo career.

Hollister, cousin of music act K-Ci & JoJo and Fantasia Barrino winner of the third season of the television series American Idol started developing fame as a musician in the early 1990s. Some of his biggest early appearances were with 2Pac on tracks like "Brenda's Got A Baby" and "Keep Ya Head Up" where he was credited on both as "The Black Angel" as well as the original version of "Don't You Trust Me." The remake of which was released on Loyal to the Game.

His next big move was when he was signed to Teddy Riley's R&B group BLACKstreet in 1994. He worked with the group on their first album and then left the group to pursue his own solo career. He was signed to DreamWorks Records and began working on an album.

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