Dashboard Confessional Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Dashboard Confessional Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Dashboard Confessional - Screaming Infidelities
2 Everybody Learns From Disaster
3 The Good Fight
4 Hands Down
5 Hell On The Throat
6 Blame It On The Changes
7 The Motions
8 Stolen
9 Belle Of The Boulevard
10 No News Is Bad News
11 So Long Sweet Summer
12 Get Me Right
13 Until Morning
14 And I Know About You
15 Alter The Ending
16 Saints and Sailors
17 The Rush
18 Drowning
19 Broken Hearts And Concrete Floors
20 Jamie
21 Vindicated
22 Ender will save us
23 As Lovers Go
24 A Plain Morning
25 Ender Will Save Us All
26 Remember to Breathe
27 So Beautiful
28 if you cant leave it be, might as well make it bleed
29 Water And Bridges
30 Dashboard Confessional - Again I Go Unnoticed
31 The Shade of Poison Trees
32 Anyone, Anyone?
33 The Brilliant Dance
34 Carry This Picture For Luck
35 The Widows Peak
36 The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most
37 the ghost of a good thing
38 warmth of the sand
39 Carve Your Heart Out
40 This Ruined Puzzle
41 Don't Wait
42 Age Six Racer
43 For Justin
44 Clean Breaks
45 Fever Dreams
46 Ghost of a Good Thing
47 Living In Your Letters
48 I Am Missing
49 Shirts and Gloves
50 So Impossible
51 The Sharp Hint of New Tears
52 Hey Girl
53 Little Bombs
54 Again I Go Unnoticed
55 The Swiss Army Romance
56 Matters Of Blood and Connection
57 serveral ways to die trying
58 Screaming Infidelities
59 Morning Calls
60 Truth Of The Matter
61 Standard Lines
62 Carve Your Heart Out Yourself
63 The Cut And Run Routine
64 The Best Deceptions
65 Am I Missing
66 Thick as Thieves
67 No News Is Bad News (Acoustic)
68 Carve Your Heart
69 I Know About You
70 Reason To Believe
71 Hope You're Happy
72 Heaven Here
73 Finishing School
74 I Do
75 Shade Of Poison Trees
76 This Bitter Pill
77 Slow Decay
78 Carry This Picture
79 Tonight I'll Take What Can Get
80 The Secret's In The Telling
81 Currents
82 Not So Easy
83 Everybody Hurts
84 "So Long, So Long "
85 Rapid Hope Loss
86 Remember to Breath
87 Angels Of The Silences
88 Not Easy
89 Bend and Not Break
90 Hidden Track
91 For You to Notice...
92 Hold On
93 The End of an Anchor
94 Marning Calls
95 This Is a Forgery
96 This Brilliant Dance
97 I Light My Own Fires Now
98 Even Now
99 If You Can't Leave It Be, Might As Well Make It Bleed
100 This Old Wound
101 A Year In The Past, Forever In The Future
102 Keep Watch for The Mines
103 Several Ways to Die Trying
104 Dashboard Confessional - The Swiss Army Romance
105 Crazy
106 Nightswimming
107 Dashboard Confessional - Ender Will Save Us All
108 Water & Bridges
109 Dashboard Confessional - Age Six Racer
110 Turpentine Chaser
111 Better
112 El Scorcho
113 Dusk And Summer
114 A Guardian Of Sorts (To Catch You)
115 Catch
116 Widow's Peak
117 Rooftops And Invitations
118 Overkill
119 These Bones
120 Dashboard Confessional - A Plain Morning
121 Sailors And Saints
122 If I Needed You
123 Even Now (Acoustic)
124 If You Can't Leave It Be
125 Pretty Pathetic
126 Where There's Gold

Dashboard Confessional Bio

Dashboard Confessional is an American band from Boca Raton, Florida, led by singer-songwriter Chris Carrabba. The band started out as Carrabba playing intimately personal acoustic songs by himself, but eventually the outfit became a full band ensemble.

The band originated as Chris Carrabba's solo side-project for his previous band Further Seems Forever. He recorded his first album Swiss Army Romance in 2000. The following year, he recorded Further Seems Forever's debut album The Moon Is Down. However, he left the band soon after the album's release, instead recording and releasing his sophomore album The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most, as well as a follow-up EP titled So Impossible.

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