Darryl Worley Lyrics

Genre: Country

Darryl Worley Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Need a Breather
2 Back Where I Belong
3 You Never Know
4 Spread a Little Love Around
5 I Will Hold My Ground
6 Doin' What's Right
7 Everyday Love
8 Family Tree
9 Shiloh
10 Callin' Caroline
11 Honkytonk Life
12 Best Of Both Worlds
13 Pow
14 Nothin' to Lose
15 Whistle Dixie
16 If I Could Just Be Me
17 Wake Up America
18 If Something Should Happen
19 Jumpin' Off The Wagon
20 Sideways
21 Keep The Change
22 I Love Her, She Hates Me
23 Free
24 Nothing But Money
25 Honky Tonk Life
26 The Best of Both Worlds
27 Things I'll Never Do Again
28 Don't Show Up (If You Can't Get Down)
29 I Wanna Grow Old With You
30 Tennessee River Run
31 Whisky Makes The World Go Round
32 Messed Up In Memphis
33 Lowdown Women
34 Living in the Here and Now
35 Who's Gonna Get Me Over You?
36 POW 369
37 What Makes A Man Do That
38 Those Less Fortunate Than I
39 Hard Rain Don't Last
40 Tequila On Ice
41 Slow Dancing' With A Memory
42 A Good Day to Run
43 Is It Just Us?
44 The Least That You Can Do
45 Slow Dancin' With A Memory
46 You Still Got It
47 Too Many Pockets
48 I Wouldn't Mind the Shackles
49 Work and Worry
50 I Just Came Back from a War
51 The Way Things Are Goin'
52 If It Hadn't Been for Love
53 Tennesee River Run
54 I Miss My Friend
55 I Built This Wall
56 What Make a Man Do That
57 Second Wind
58 Sounds Like Life to Me
59 Opportunity of a Lifetime
60 Do You Know What That Is
61 When You Need My Love
62 Have You Forgotten
63 If I Could Tell the Truth
64 I Just Came Back (From a War) (radio edit)
65 Nothin' but a Love Thang
66 Where You Think You're Goin'?
67 Was It Good for You
68 It's the Way You Love Me
69 Awful Beautiful Life
70 Better Than I Deserve
71 Party Song
72 Find Me
73 Feels Like Work

Darryl Worley Bio

Darryl Worley (born October 31, 1964 in Pyburn, Tennessee) is an American country music artist. Signed to DreamWorks Records Nashville in 2000, Worley released four albums for the label: Hard Rain Don't Last (2000), I Miss My Friend (2002), Have You Forgotten? (2003), and Darryl Worley in 2004. After the label closed in 2005, he moved to 903 Music, an independent label owned by Neal McCoy, releasing Here and Now in 2006, shortly before that label's closure. His most recent studio release is 2009's Sounds Like Life via Stroudavarious Records, owned by James Stroud.

Worley's six albums have produced seventeen singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, including three Number Ones: "I Miss My Friend", "Have You Forgotten?", and "Awful, Beautiful Life", from 2002, 2003 and 2004-2005, respectively. "Have You Forgotten?" spent seven weeks at Number One. Nine other singles have reached the Top 40.

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