Darrell Scott Lyrics

Genre: Country

Darrell Scott Lyrics - by Popularity

1 House of Gold (feat. Tim O'Brien)
2 The Day Before Thanksgiving
3 Urge For Going
4 The Country Boy
5 Sage After Rain
6 White Freightliner Blues (feat. Tim O'Brien)
7 Long Wide Open Road
8 All The Lovely Ladies
9 Trying Not To Love You
10 In the Light of Day
11 Mick Ryan's Lament (feat. Tim O'Brien)
12 Alton Air
13 This Beggar's Heart
14 Pay Lake
15 I've Got To Leave You Now
16 With a Memory Like Mine (feat. Tim O'Brien)
17 A Father's Song
18 Uncle Lloyd
19 Candle For a Cowboy
20 The One I’m Still Thinking About
21 Country Music, I’m Talking To You
22 Early Morning Rain (feat. Tim O'Brien)
23 Take Me Back To Yesterday
24 Lazarus Dies Again
25 Every Raod Leads Back To You
26 I Got To Leave You Now
27 Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (feat. Tim O'Brien)
28 Pester Lester
29 I Never Had a Sister
30 Too Close To Comfort
31 Long Time Gone (feat. Tim O'Brien)
32 Candles In The Rain (Childless Mothers)
33 The Hummingbird
34 You'll Be With Me All the Way
35 You Don't Have To Move That Mountain (feat. Tim O'Brien)
36 For Suzanne
37 Tonight I'm Missing You
38 Still Got a Ways To Go
39 Hummingbird (feat. Tim O'Brien)
40 The Open Door
41 It Must Be Sunday
42 Shattered Cross
43 Mom and Dad's Waltz (feat. Tim O'Brien)
44 Love's Not Through With Me Yet
45 Hopkinsville
46 The One I'm Still Thinking About
47 Hambone (feat. Tim O'Brien)
48 Colorado
49 Out In the Parking Lot
50 Born In '55
51 When There's No One Around/Will The Circle Be Unbroken (feat. Tim O'Brien)
52 Where The Spirit Meets The Bone
53 Someday
54 Lone Pine
55 River Take Me
56 Some Other Time
57 No Use Living For Today
58 Thanksgiving 1985
59 Miracle Of Living
60 Snow Queen And Drama Llama
61 You're Everything I Wanted Love To Be
62 Country Music I'm Taking To You
63 And The River Is Me
64 Joan Of Arc
65 Dance In the Darkness
66 Green Heart
67 Climbing Up a Mountain (feat. Tim O'Brien)
68 A Crooked Road
69 Nobody Eats At Linebaugh's Anymore
70 No Lone In Arkansas (the Ring)
71 His Chosen Time