Dark Moor Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Dark Moor Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Sphinx
2 Phantom Queen
3 Faustus
4 When The Sun Is Gone
5 And End So Cold
6 The Chariot
7 The City of Peace
8 Don't Look Back
9 Gabriel
10 Tilt At Windmills
11 The King’s Sword
12 Wind Like Stroke (Attila)
13 The Star
14 Gara And Jonay
15 There’s Something in the Skies
16 Cancion Del Pirata
17 The Gates of Oblivion
18 Return for Love (Attila)
19 Amore Venio (Attila)
20 Wheel of Fortune
21 Living in a Nightmare
22 For Her
23 In the Heart of the Stone
24 Ritual Fire Dance
25 Nevermore
26 The Ghost Sword (Attila)
27 Devil in the Tower
28 El Ultimo Rey
29 The Enchanted Forest
30 Maid of Orleans
31 Ah! Wretched Me
32 Starsmaker (Elbereth)
33 The Dark Moor
34 Lovers
35 Death
36 St James Way
37 Somewhere in Dreams
38 A Music In My Soul
39 Mist in the Twilight
40 The Mysterious Maiden
41 The Hanged Man
42 Dies Irae
43 Spanish Suite (Asturias)
44 Gadir
45 Mortal Sin
46 Walhalla
47 By the Strange Paths of Destiny
48 Miracles
49 The Fool
50 Magic Land
51 The Road Again (Acoustic version)
52 A New World
53 Mystery Of Goddess
54 Shadowland
55 The Night of the Age
56 Houdini's Great Escapade
57 Mozart's March
58 The Call
59 Living In A Nightmare (Orchestral version)
60 The Sea
61 The Sound Of The Blade
62 In the Heart of Stone
63 Your Symphony
64 Through the Gates of the Silver Key
65 The Fall of Melnibone
66 Eternity
67 November 3023
68 The Emperor
69 Before the Duel
70 The Citadel of the Light
71 The Silver Key
72 Silver Lake
73 From Hell
74 Abduction
75 The Magician
76 Fallen Leaves Waltz
77 A Truth for Me
78 Green Eyes
79 Wood's Song
80 Halloween
81 Beyond the Stars
82 The Moon
83 Valhalla
84 The Shadow of the Nile
85 Going On
86 Ars Musica (Intro)
87 Swan Lake
88 Conspiracy Revealed
89 Cuentos De Ayer Y De Hoy
90 Dragon Into the Fire
91 A Life for Revenge
92 Beyond the Sea
93 The First Lance of Spain
94 On The Hill Of Dreams
95 I Want to Believe
96 Love From The Stone
97 Calling on the Wind
98 The Bane of Daninsky (The Werewolf)
99 Julius Caesar (Interlude)
100 It Is My Way
101 Bon Voyage!
102 Alaric De Marnac
103 Flying
104 Philip, The Second
105 Alea Jacta
106 The Road Again
107 The Existence
108 Mio Cid
109 Time is the Avenger
110 Cyrano of Bergerac
111 Vivaldi's Winter
112 Together As Ever
113 Imperial Earth
114 Just Rock
115 Born in the Dark
116 Overture (Attila)

Dark Moor Bio

Dark Moor is a Spanish heavy metal band from Madrid. Formed in 1993, they produced three full-length albums before undergoing a line-up change in which three members left the band to form their own project, Dreamaker. The remaining two members carried on under the same name, recruiting suitable replacements in time for their eponymous 2003 album.

Dark Moor was formed in 1994 in Madrid, Spain, and recorded their debut album ,"Shadowland", in the summer of 1999. Dark Moor played live supporting Demons & Wizards on their Spanish Tour.

Dark Moor began the recording sessions for their second album, "The Hall of the Olden Dreams", in August 2000 at New Sin Studios with producer Luigi Stefanini. During these recording sessions, the band recorded their cover of "Halloween", which was included on the CD "The Keepers of Jericho" - A Tribute to Helloween - (Arise Records). Their E.P "The Fall of Melnibone" was released in June 2001. This E.P was a limited edition; 1500 copies were released, and only for the Spanish market.

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