Darin Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Darin Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Runaway
2 One True Flame
3 Breathing Your Love
4 Dance
5 Paradise City
6 What Is Love
7 What If
8 Gone
9 Road Trip
10 Nar Vi Tva Blir En
11 I Want You Back
12 Flashback
13 Strobelight
14 Money For Nothing
15 I Can See You Girl
16 Insanity
17 Can't Stop Love
18 Nobody Knows (Single)
19 What If I Kissed You Now
20 The Thing About You
21 The Anthem
22 Viva La Vida
23 Playing With Fire
24 En Apa Som Liknar Dig
25 The Way I Am
26 Perfect
27 Stand By Me
28 Before I Pass Out
29 I Can't Get You Off My Mind
30 Coming True
31 Who's That Girl
32 I Can See U Girl
33 Surrender
34 Stockholm
35 It's Gonna Be Me
36 Want Ya!
37 Sail The Ocean
38 What It's Like
39 Seven Days a Week
40 Show Me Heaven
41 Seasons Fly
42 OK (Dangerous Game)
43 Give It To Me
44 F Your Love
45 Astrologen
46 Microphone
47 If You Wanna
48 Check You Out
49 Magdalena (Livet före döden)
50 Drowning
51 Doin Dirt
52 Give Me Tonight
53 Karma
54 Endless Summer
55 What You're Made Of
56 Same Old Song
57 I'll Be Alright
58 Why Does It Rain
59 That Love
60 Bad
61 Only You Can Save Me
62 Homeless
63 Nobody Knows
64 Girl Next Door
65 Move
66 Affection
67 Encore, Otra Vez, 1 More Time
68 Like No One
69 Walk The Distance
70 Intro
71 Encor Otra Vez 1 More Time
72 Paradise
73 Everything You're Not
74 Be What You Wanna Be
75 Step Up
76 See U At The Club
77 You're Out Of My Life
78 Saturday Night
79 Laura
80 Extra Ordinary Love
81 Lovekiller
82 Desire
83 U Don't Hear Me
84 Everything But the Girl
85 Brought Me Back

Darin Bio

Darin Zanyar (born June 2, 1987 in Stockholm, Sweden) more commonly known as Darin is a Swedish, Kurdish pop singer and songwriter of Kurdish descent and one of Sweden's best-selling artists, with numerous chart topping songs and music albums.

Darin born to Kurdish parents began singing at an early age, citing Michael Jackson as his biggest inspiration. On the DVD Tour Videos Interview, Darin is shown as a child dancing to Michael Jackson and singing "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles.

In spring of 2004, Darin auditioned for a place on the first series of Idol with "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You" by N*Sync, the four judges were very impressed and he passed through to the theatre round and then on to the semi-finals where he sang "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera and received 78% of the public vote to get through to the live finals.