Daphne & Celeste Song Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Daphne & Celeste Bio

Daphne and Celeste were a pop duo whose most famous songs were "Ooh Stick You" and "U.G.L.Y.". Daphne is Karen Imogen DiConcetto (born 1 December 1980, Long Beach, New Jersey, United States). She later claimed that her stage name was chosen because she reminded the managers of Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo. Celeste is Celeste Gladys Cruz (born 24 September 1983, Newark, New Jersey).

They released three singles in the UK - "Ooh Stick You!", "U.G.L.Y." and a cover version of Alice Cooper's "School's Out". A full-length album, We Didn't Say That! was released in the Autumn to generally positive reviews (Melody Maker awarded it four out of five stars). Another single, "Party", was due out in November 2000, but was never released.

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