Dannii Minogue Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Dannii Minogue Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Coconut
2 On the Loop
3 Who Do You Love Now?
4 Love & Kisses
5 Am I Dreaming?
6 Free Your Love
7 I Got This Feeling
8 I Begin To Wonder (album version)
9 Mighty Fine
10 Show You The Way To Go
11 Don't Wanna Leave You Now
12 This Is It
13 Vibe On
14 Don't Wanna Lose This Feeling
15 Everything I Wanted
16 The Gift Of Christmas
17 Feel Like I Do
18 Success (Junior's Big House Mix)
19 Everlasting Night
20 'Cos You're Beautiful
21 Take My Time Loving You
22 Be Careful (Eric Kupper 12
23 Est Ce Que Tu M'aimes Encore?
24 It Won't Work Out
25 Twist My Arm
26 Get Into You
27 It Won't Work Out (acoustic version)
28 Crazy For Your Love
29 This Is It (acapella version)
30 Crazy
31 Jump To The Beat (L.A. 7
32 Final Countdown
33 I Begin to Wonder (Dead or Alive Radio Edit)
34 Jump To The Beat
35 Put the Needle on It (Nevin's club Creation)
36 Love In Me
37 Disremembrance (Flexifinger's radio edit)
38 Kiss & Make Up
39 Love & Kisses (12" Remix)
40 I Can't Sleep At Night
41 Mystified
42 Summer of Love (Extended Mix)
43 Put the Needle On It (Nevins Club Creation)
44 Exclusively
45 Disremembrance (Flexifingers Radio Edit)
46 It's Time To Move On
47 Success (Junior's Big House Remix)
48 Gone
49 I Begin to Wonder (Krystal K vocal mix cd-edit)
50 So Under Pressure (Soul Seekerz Extended)
51 Love Will Find A Way
52 He’s the Greatest Dancer
53 Success (Bruce Forest 7" Remix)
54 Love & Kisses (House Remix)
55 Heaven Can Wait
56 Push
57 Someone New (Flexifinger's radio edit)
58 Success
59 Good Times (Remix)
60 He's the Greatest Dancer
61 Don't Wanna Leave You Know
62 Undeniable
63 How Will I Know
64 Put the Needle On It
65 Viva l’amour
66 Disremembrance (Flexifinger's extended "Orchestral" mix)
67 Success (12" Remix)
68 That’s How You Know
69 I Dream
70 Invitation
71 I Got You Babe
72 Viva L'Amour
73 This Is The Way
74 Disremembrance (Xenomania 12" mix)
75 So In Love With Yourself
76 Jump To The Beat (12" Remix)
77 Hide And Seek
78 If It Moves - Dub It
79 Someone New (Flexifingers Radio Edit)
80 Until We Meet Again
81 Disremembrance (Xenomania "Breakbeat" mix)
82 Bad Weather
83 Tonight's Temptation
84 Going Going Gone
85 Lucky Star
86 I Begin to Wonder
87 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain
88 You Won't Forget About Me
89 Disremembrance (Flexifinger's 12" pop mix)
90 Come and Get It
91 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (L.A. 12" Remix)
92 Party Jam (Bruce Forest 7" Remix)
93 Material Girl
94 All I Wanna Do
95 Love's on Every Corner
96 Touch Me Like That
97 Disremembrance (D-Bop's "Lost in Space" mix)
98 No Romeo
99 I Don't Wanna Take This Pain (L.A. Master Remix)
100 Work
101 A Piece of Time
102 Open Your Heart
103 Disremembrance (Trouser Enthusiast's Brittlestar Requiem mix)
104 Disremembrance (Sharp Rocket mix)
105 Love Traffic
106 Lucky Tonight
107 Success (Expensive Remix)
108 Creep
109 Perfection
110 Attitude
111 Baby Love
112 Success (Juniors Big House Mix)
113 Skin Deep
114 Disremembrance (Twyce as Nyce dub mix)
115 True Lovers
116 Baby Love (Silky 70's 12")
117 This Is The Way (12" Version)
118 Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
119 Disremembrance (Trouser Enthusiasts Brittlestar Requiem Mix)
120 Love And Affection
121 Put the Needle On It (Nevins club Creation edit)
122 Hallucination
123 If You're In Love With Me
124 Bad
125 For the Record
126 So Hard To Forget
127 Disremembrance
128 I Dont Wanna Take This Pain
129 Put the Needle On It (Laid's Zoo Brazil remix)
130 Be Careful
131 Love & Kisses (Dancin' Danny D 7" Remix)
132 Blame It On The Music
133 Hey! (So What)
134 So Under Pressure
135 Loves On Every Corner
136 Let Love Into Your Life
137 Cos You're Beautiful
138 Party Jam
139 Call To Your Heart
140 Does Your Mother Know
141 Take Me Inside

Dannii Minogue Bio

Danielle Jane "Dannii" Minogue (born 20 October 1971) is an Australian singer, occasional actress, and TV Personality. Minogue rose to prominence in the early 1980s for her roles in the Australian television talent show, Young Talent Time and the soap opera Home and Away, before commencing her career as a pop singer in the early 1990s. Minogue achieved early success with hits such as "Love and Kisses" and "This is It", though by the release of her second album, her popularity as a singer had declined, leading her to concentrate on other fields such as television presenting. The late 1990s saw a brief return to music after Minogue reinvented herself as a dance artist with "All I Wanna Do", her first number one UK Club hit. In 2001, Minogue further returned to musical success with the release of her biggest worldwide hit to date, "Who Do You Love Now?", while her subsequent album, Neon Nights, became the most successful of her career. In the UK, she has achieved twelve consecutive number one dance singles, becoming the best-performing artist on the UK Upfront Club Chart. Minogue is currently a judge on Australia's Got Talent and The X Factor.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danii_Minogue