Dan Hill Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Dan Hill Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Dream I Saw Your Face Last Night
2 You Make Me Want To Be
3 Canada
4 14 Today
5 Hold On
6 Growing Up
7 Questions Marks In Time
8 Mccarthy's Day
9 In Your Eyes
10 Can't We Try
11 Sometimes When We Touch (Original Version)
12 Never Thought
13 Sometimes When We Touch
14 Conscience
15 Wrapped Around Your Finger
16 Question Marks In Time
17 All I See Is Your Face
18 Proposal
19 Nobody's Right
20 I Fall All Over Again
21 If You Should Leave Me Now
22 Sour Whiskey
23 I'm Doing Fine
24 Memories
25 I Wanna Be With You
26 I Wanna Make Love to You
27 Maybe This Time
28 Memories (revisited)
29 Miss You Still
30 Dark Side of Atlanta
31 She Is My Lady
32 Ex Factor
33 Is It Really Love
34 Indian Woman
35 Caroline
36 The Night We Met
37 Longer Fuse
38 Sorry
39 Till the Day I Die
40 City Madness
41 Dance of Love
42 Your Only Friend
43 Love Of My Life
44 Am I Fooling Myself
45 Fountain
46 I've Been Alone
47 Hold Me Now
48 Phonecall
49 Flirting WIth a Heartache
50 Carmelia
51 Unborn Heart
52 Don't Give Up On Us
53 Looking Back
54 Fourteen Today
55 Never Thought (That I Could Love)
56 Through It All
57 Rain
58 Healing Power Of Love
59 Can't We Try (Vonda Shepard)
60 Losing You
61 People
62 Every Time We Say Goodbye
63 In the Name of Love
64 Sometimes Love Is Not Enough
65 Seed of Music
66 Let The Song Last Forever
67 Crazy
68 Frozen In the Night
69 I Love You Now
70 Jean
71 No One Taught Me How to Lie
72 Welcome
73 You Are All I See
74 (Why Did You Have to Go And) Pick On Me
75 Southern California
76 Friends
77 You Say You're Free
78 Still Not Used To
79 When the Hurt Comes
80 All Alone in California

Dan Hill Bio

Daniel Grafton "Dan" Hill IV (born 3 June 1954, Toronto) is a Canadian pop singer and songwriter. He had two major hits with his songs, "Sometimes When We Touch" and "Can't We Try," a duet with Vonda Shepard.

Hill is the son of social scientist and public servant Daniel G. Hill, and brother of the author Lawrence Hill. He studied guitar in his teens, leaving high school at 17 to work as songwriter for RCA. At one point he was working for the Ontario Provincial Government, delivering office supplies, while performing at the Riverboat at night. In 1975, he released his first album, Dan Hill, which produced a Canadian hit single, "You Make Me Want To Be."

In 1977 Hill recorded the ballad "Sometimes When We Touch." He also wrote the lyrics and was assisted in the music by Barry Mann for the album from the same year, Longer Fuse, and it was released as a single. It was Hill's biggest hit, peaking at #3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and leading to Hill's appearances on The Merv Griffin Show and The Mike Douglas Show. Tina Turner covered the song in 1978 on her post-Ike album, Rough.

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