Dan Fogelberg Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Dan Fogelberg Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Same Old Lang Syne
2 Next Time
3 A Love Like This
4 Once Upon a Time
5 Let Her Go
6 The Power of Gold
7 A Voice For Peace
8 Rhythm of the Rain
9 A Growing Time
10 Diamonds To Dust
11 The Long Way
12 More Than Ever
13 Song Of The Sea
14 All There Is
15 A Cry In The Forest
16 Nether Lands
17 Sometimes A Song
18 The Reach
19 Our Last Farewell
20 Long Way Home (Live In The Country)
21 Twins Theme
22 Leader of the Band
23 The Way It Must Be
24 Mountain Pass
25 Souvenirs
26 There's a Place in the World for a Gambler
27 Along the Road
28 Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)
29 Be on Your Way
30 Gypsy Wind
31 The Minstrel
32 Run for the Roses
33 High Country Snows
34 Comes and Goes
35 The Spirit Trail
36 Part of the Plan
37 (Someone's Been) Telling You Stories
38 Believe in Me
39 Old Tennessee
40 The Lion's Share
41 The Higher You Climb
42 Faces Of America
43 Missing You
44 Scarecrow's Dream
45 Wandering Shepherd
46 Sketches
47 It Doesn't Matter
48 Empty Cages
49 Aurora Nova
50 Since You've Asked
51 Hard to Say
52 Bones In The Sky
53 In the Passage
54 Ever On (a Traveling Prayer)
55 Heart Hotels
56 As the Raven Flies
57 Soft Voice
58 Dancing Shoes
59 Longer
60 Lost in the Sun
61 So Many Changes
62 Changing Horses
63 Nexus
64 Come To The Harbor
65 The Last to Know
66 The River
67 Lessons Learned
68 Hearts And Crafts
69 Tullamore Dew
70 Morning Sky
71 To the Morning
72 The Colors Of Eve
73 Loose Ends
74 Song For A Carpenter
75 Wishing On the Moon
76 Crow
77 Stolen Moments
78 Shallow Rivers
79 The Wild Places
80 Wysteria
81 Love Gone By
82 Whispers In The Wind
83 The Innocent Age
84 Sutter's Mill
85 Nature Of The Game
86 Aspen / These Days
87 Song from Half Mountain
88 Gone Too Far
89 Intimidation
90 Aspen/These Days
91 The Last Nail
92 The Outlaw
93 Make Love Stay
94 Days To Come
95 Promises Made
96 Statesboro Blues
97 Exiles
98 The Sand and the Foam
99 Think of What You've Done
100 Sweet Magnolia (and the Travelling Salesman)
101 Birds
102 Drawing Pictures
103 Higher Ground
104 Hearts in Decline
105 Times Like These
106 The Language of Love
107 Over And Over
108 Long Way Home
109 Man in the Mirror/ Below the Surface
110 Holy Road
111 Aireshire Lament
112 Anastasia's Eyes
113 Wolf Creek
114 The Loving Cup
115 Road Beneath My Wheels
116 Beyond The Edge
117 Magic Every Moment
118 Lonely in Love
119 Anyway I Love You
120 Earth Anthem
121 Beggar's Game
122 River Of Souls
123 Ghosts
124 Blind To The Truth
125 Windows and Walls
126 Tell Me To My Face
127 Stars (Album Version)
128 Face the Fire
129 Serengeti Moon
130 Seeing You Again
131 Hickory Grove
132 Ever On
133 What Child Is This?
134 She Don't Look Back
135 Love In Time
136 Sunlight
137 What You're Doing
138 Forefathers
139 Looking for a Lady
140 Language of Love
141 Better Change
142 Down the Road
143 Lovers In A Dangerous Time
144 False Faces
145 We Three Kings
146 Phoenix
147 Go Down Easy
148 Stars
149 Give Me Some Time
150 Since You Asked
151 Illinois
152 Captured Angel
153 Only the Heart May Know

Dan Fogelberg Bio

Daniel Grayling Fogelberg (August 13, 1951, Peoria, Illinois – December 16, 2007, Deer Isle, Maine) was an American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, whose music was inspired by sources as diverse as folk, pop, classical, jazz, and bluegrass music.

Dan Fogelberg, the youngest of three sons, was born in Peoria, Illinois, the son of Margaret (née Irvine), a classically trained pianist, and Lawrence Peter Fogelberg, a high school band director, who spent most of his career at Peoria Woodruff High School and Pekin High School. Dan Fogelberg's mother was a Scottish immigrant, and his father was of Swedish descent. His father would later be the inspiration for the song "Leader of the Band." Using a Mel Bay course book, Dan taught himself to play a Hawaiian slide guitar that his grandfather gave to him; he also learned to play the piano. He started his music career at age 14 when he joined his first band, The Clan, which paid homage to The Beatles. His second band was another cover combo, The Coachmen, who in 1967 released two singles, written by Fogelberg, on Ledger Records: "Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget" and "Don't Want To Lose Her."

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