Dag Nasty Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Dag Nasty Bio

Dag Nasty was a Washington D.C. punk band formed in 1985 by Brian Baker (guitar) of Minor Threat, Colin Sears (drums) and Roger Marbury (bass guitar), both of Bloody Mannequin Orchestra, and Shawn Brown later of Swiz and Jesuseater (vocals).

Their style of less aggressive, melodic hardcore was influential to emocore, as well as post-hardcore. Dag Nasty was the first of a new breed of "professional" hardcore bands, that would be the blueprint for the later to come "Warped Tour" styled bands.

Shawn Brown was the first vocalist with whom the band recorded (until recently) unreleased versions of most of the material that later made up their first release Can I Say, which featured former roadie and new singer Dave Smalley of DYS. A year later, the band released Wig Out at Denko's, with new bassist Doug Carrion (then of The Descendents, later of The Kottonmouth Kings and the Humble Gods) and new vocalist Peter Cortner (formerly of Lunchbox, currently of The Gerunds) after Smalley left to attend school in Israel.

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