Current 93 Lyrics

Genre: Folk

Current 93 Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Aleph Is The Butterfly Net
2 On Docetic Mountain
3 Not Because The Fox Barks
4 As Real As Rainbows
5 Invocation Of Almost
6 The Carnival Is Dead And Gone
7 The Tale of the Descent of Long Satan and Babylon
8 A Lament for My Suzanne
9 Larkspur And Lazarus
10 Tanks Of Flies
11 A Song for Douglas (After He’s Dead)
12 A Sad Sadness Song
13 Let Us Go To The Rose
14 Poppyskins
15 I Dance Narcoleptic
16 Hitler as Kalki
17 A Voice From Catland
18 Lucifer Over London
19 The Blue Gates Of Death (Before And Beyond Them)
20 Silence as Christine (Dictaphone Recording)
21 Anti-Christ And Bar Codes
22 Or
23 26 April 2007
24 All The Pretty Little Horses
25 Anyway, People Die (Dictaphone Recording)
26 At The Blue Gates of Death
27 Rome For Duglas P
28 Spring Sand Dreamt Larks
29 Chewing on Shadows (Instrumental)
30 Black Flowers Please
31 Rosy Star Tears from Heaven
32 I Could Not Shift the Shadow
33 Moonbird for Jhonn (Feat. Ben Chasny)
34 Dormition And Dominion
35 St. Peters Keys All Bloody
36 UrShadow
37 Why Did the Fox Bark?
38 Quiet Crosses
39 Earth Covers Earth
40 The Darkly Splendid World
41 I Remember the Berlin Boys
42 Conspiracy Born
43 From Broken Cross, Locusts
44 The Dilly Song
45 Dogun
46 Angel
47 Mourned Winter Then
48 Moonless (From O Po‡o)
49 Good Morning, Great Moloch
50 The Great, Bloody And Bruised Veil of The World
51 Be
52 And Onto PickNickMagick
53 Black Ship Bloodbells (Live)
54 (Hey Ho) The Noddy (Oh)
55 The Summer of Love
56 Epilogue
57 With the Dromedaries
58 Not Because the Fox Barks (Live)
59 Hooves
60 This Shining Shining World
61 Malediction
62 The Heart Full of Eyes
63 The Dream of the Green Goddess
64 In The Heart of The Wood and What I Found There
65 Thunder Perfect Mind I
66 Night! Death! Storm! Omega!
67 Those Flowers Grew
68 She Took Us to the Places Where the Sun Sets (Outtake)
69 Into The Menstrual Night I Go
70 Walking Like Shadow
71 The Nudes Lift Shields For War
72 Kings and Things
73 The Seahorse Rears to Oblivion (Instrumental)
74 It Is Time, Only Time
75 Where The Long Shadows Fall (beforetheinmostlight)
76 A Gothic Lovesong
77 Passenger Aleph In Name
78 The Invisible Church
79 The Bloodbells Chime
80 Judas As Black Moth
81 Panzer Rune