Crippled Black Phoenix Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Crippled Black Phoenix Lyrics - by Popularity

1 444
2 We Remember You
3 You Take the Devil Out of Me
4 Self Seeking Man
5 Chapter I (A Thread): [In the Yonder Marsh]
6 Song for the Loved
7 Northern Comfort
8 Hold On (So Goodbye to All of That)
9 Chapter I (A Thread): A Letter Concerning Dogheads
10 The Brain Poznan
11 Caring Breeds The Horror
12 Long Live Independence
13 Chapter I (A Thread): The Brain / Poznan
14 IntroToublemaker
15 We Remember You
16 Laying Traps
17 Chapter II (The Trap): Laying Traps
18 Fantastic Justice
19 Northern Comfort
20 Nothing (We Are…)
21 Chapter II (The Trap): Born In a Hurricane
22 Goodnight, Europe
23 Caring Breeds the Horror
24 The Heart of Every Country
25 Chapter II (The Trap): Release the Clowns
26 Chapter II (The Trap): [What?]
27 Rise Up and Fight
28 Northern Comfort
29 Get Down and Live With It
30 Chapter III (The Blues of Man): A Suggestion [Not a Very Nice One]
31 Spider island
32 Caring Breeds the Horror
33 Release the Clowns
34 Chapter III (The Blues of Man): [Dig, Bury, Deny]
35 New dark age
36 We Remember You
37 Bastogne Blues
38 Chapter III (The Blue of Man): Operation Mincemeat
39 Echoes pt.1
40 Northern Comfort
41 We Remember You
42 Chapter III (The Blues of Man): We Will Never Get Out This World Alive
43 Echoes pt.2
44 Northern Comfort
45 Sweeter Than You
46 Chapter III (The Blues of Man): Faced With Complete Failure, Utter Defiance Is the Only Response
47 Bostogne Blues
48 Caring Breeds the Horror
49 ________
50 Self Seeking Man
51 Bella Ciao
52 Rise Up and Fight (Radio Edit)
53 We Remember You
54 Caring Breeds the Horror
55 When You're Gone
56 Born for Nothing Paranoid Arm of Narcoleptic Empire
57 We Remember You
58 Burnt Reynolds
59 Hold On (Goodbye to All of That)
60 Chapter I (A Thread): Nothing [We Are...]
61 We Forgotten Who We Are
62 Northern Comfort
63 A Hymn for a Lost Soul
64 No!, Pt. 2
65 Chapter I (A Thread): The Heart of Every Country
66 Of a Lifetime
67 Caring Breeds the Horror
68 The Northern Cobbler
69 No!, Pt. 1
70 Chapter I (A Thread): Get Down and Live With It