Creed Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Creed Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Rain
2 A Thousand Faces
3 Inside Us All
4 My Own Prison
5 In America
6 Full Circle
7 Are You Ready
8 With Arms Wide Open
9 Bread Of Shame
10 Suddenly
11 Away In Silence
12 Pity For A Dime
13 Wash Away Those Years
14 What If
15 Young Grow Old
16 Weathered
17 Was Away Those Years
18 sacrifice
19 Wash Those Years Away
20 Silent Teacher
21 Signs
22 On My Sleeve
23 Beautiful
24 Faceless Man
25 Higher
26 Sister
27 My Own Prison (Acoustic)
28 Overcome
29 Freedom Fighter
30 I'm Eighteen
31 Roadhouse Blues
32 Good Fight
33 Weathered By Creed
34 Say I
35 One
36 To Whom It May Concern
37 Unforgiven
38 Wrong Way
39 What's This Life For
40 Bullets
41 Bound And Tied
42 Time
43 Hide
44 Illusion
45 The Song You Sing
46 Stand Here With Me
47 Rain (Pop Mix)
48 What's This Life For (True version)
49 Never Die
50 Is This the End
51 Ode
52 What This Life For
53 A Thousand Faces (Radio Edit)
54 What's This Life For (acoustic version)
55 Young Grow Old (BonusTrack)
56 With Arms Open Wide
57 One Last Breath By Creed
58 Roadhouse Blues (Live at Woodstock, New York/1999)
59 My Own Prison (radio edit)
60 Higher (live)
61 Bound & Tied
62 Blistered (Demo)
63 Torn (live in Orlando)
64 Weathered (live)
65 My Sacrifice (Live Acoustic)
66 Slow Suicide
67 Higher (radio edit)
68 Torn
69 Higher Acoustic
70 My Own Prison (Acoustic Version / Extended)
71 Just Fine
72 Is This The End (Acoustic)
73 Don't Stop Dancing (Acoustic Version #3)
74 Don't Give Up
75 Can You Take Me Higher
76 Rain (Live Acoustic)
77 Catch Me
78 In Love
79 My Own Prison (Live Acoustic)
80 Don't Stop Dancing
81 Creed
82 With Arms Wide Open (Live Acoustic)
83 Who's Got My Back?
84 Who’s Got My Back?
85 Higher - Top 40 Version
86 Overcome (Live Acoustic)
87 Don’t Stop Dancing
88 Is This The End? (Acoustic Version)
89 Lullaby
90 One Last Breath - Radio Edit
91 One (Live Acoustic)
92 Pity for a Dirne
93 Riders On The Storm
94 Torn (Radio Edit)
95 Torn (Live Acoustic)
96 My Sacrifice (album version)
97 One (Radio Edit)
98 Higher (Live Acoustic)
99 My Sacrifice
100 Arms Wide Open
101 My Sacrifice (Radio Edit)
102 To Whom It May Concern (Live Acoustic)
103 One Last Breath
104 Eighteen
105 Fear
106 Weathered (Edit)
107 心若为城

Creed Bio

Creed was an American hard rock/post-grunge band from Tallahassee, Florida that became popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The band won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Song for the song "With Arms Wide Open" in 2001. The band broke up in 2004 after three multi-platinum albums, selling more than 30 million albums worldwide.

Creed formed after Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti, friends at Florida State University, decided to form a band, recruiting Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips to complete the quartet in late 1995. Under the name "Naked Toddler" (the name "Creed" was eventually suggested by Marshall), the band was soon dominating the Tallahassee local music scene, and was one of the few local bands playing all original music in a town where club owners wanted local bands to play cover songs. The four members had already written and collaborated three of the songs that would go on to become tracks on their chart-topping debut album My Own Prison. The songs were "One", "Sister" and "What's This Life For".

They then found work at a bar, where they impressed promoters Jeff Hanson and Andy Levine enough to let them play at one of their bigger venues known as Floyd's Music Store on the Tennessee Street Strip in Tallahassee. Hanson and Levine liked the band so much that he convinced producer John Kurzweg to record the band.

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