Craig's Brother Song Lyrics

Genre: Christian

Craig's Brother Bio

Craig's Brother is an American punk rock band founded by Andy Snyder, Scott Hrapoff and Heath Konkel, later joined by Ted Bond and Adam Nigh. They have released three full length recordings internationally, two on Tooth & Nail Records and one self-released through digital distribution.

Craig's Brother began in 1995 when Ted Bond quit his high school group, General Handywork, to join up with Andy Snyder, Scott Hrapoff, and Heath Konkel, the remnants Scott and Andy's high school band, Liquid Amber. Scott Hrapoff's brother was a popular jock in high school, and people would often refer to Scott simply as "Craig's Brother". When making flyers for their first show, the band was forced to pick a name, and "Craig's Brother" was chosen as a joke, initially just to irritate Scott. The name stuck.

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