Cory Gunz Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Cory Gunz Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Mad Rapper Skit
2 Mase (freestyle)
3 Voices In My Head (Prod. by Dot N Pro) (DatPiff Exclusive)
4 Ya'll Aint Got Nothin On Me
5 Get Right Tonight
6 A Mllie (Remix)
7 Free My Niggaz (Prod. by Stooopid) (DatPiff Exclusive)
8 Shit Aint A Game
9 Icet (skit)
10 Intro (Prod. by Dot N Pro) (DatPiff Exclusive)
11 Outro Ft. Charlie Rock (Prod. by Dot N Pro) 1 (DatPiff Exclusive)
12 We Gon Delete Em
13 Jayz (freestyle)
14 DatzWTFimTalkinBout (Prod. by Jose Fresh) (DatPiff Exclusive)
15 OK Feat. Raeliss
16 Family Like A Business
17 Check The Rhyme (freestyle)
18 Kan’t See Me Ft. Busta Rhymes (Prod. by Rikinatti) (DatPiff Exclusive)
19 Mr. Fresh
20 Hardbody
21 Addiction Militia (Remix)
22 Ballin Out On These Bitches Ft. Charlie Rock (Prod. by Stooopid) (DatPiff Exclusive)
24 Bedtime
25 Chris Tucker (skit)
26 Feelat’ Ft. Mack Maine (Prod. by Dot N Pro) (DatPiff Exclusive)
27 One Of A Kind (Mob With My Mob)
28 Paper Chaser Feat. Uncle Murda
29 Armed
30 Go Slow (Prod. by Dawaun Parker) (DatPiff Exclusive)
31 Young Mula
32 Ghost Town
33 Biggie (skit)
34 I Try Ft. Sean Hayz (Prod. by Dot N Pro) (DatPiff Exclusive)
35 Outta My Mind
36 Drink
37 Richer Than Richie
38 Baraka (Prod. by D-Roc) (DatPiff Exclusive)
39 Speed
40 I'm Fuckin Wit It
41 Busta (freestyle)
42 Im Laughin Ft. Wiz Khalifa (Prod. By Dot N Pro Panda for Alectric Mayhem Prod) (DatPiff Exclusive)
43 Gunz Pop
44 Sick Em
45 Invasion Radio (freestyle)
46 Do Something (Prod. by Dot N Pro) (DatPiff Exclusive)
47 YMA
48 Know My Name
49 Preacher Man
50 My Own Deal Ft. HASH (Prod. by Hash Murda Beats) (DatPiff Exclusive)
51 Sexy
52 Dope Game
53 R U Listenin
54 Dboy Block
55 Total Ft. Juicy J (Prod. by Dot N Pro) (DatPiff Exclusive)
56 Bitch I'm A Rock N Rolla
57 Peedi Pop-Off R.I.P. (intro)
58 This Is What We Do
59 Demons Ft. Charlie Rock (Prod. by Jahil Beats) (DatPiff Exclusive)
60 House Party
61 Drug Raps
62 Crew In The Spot
63 SoS (Prod. by 21) (DatPiff Exclusive)
64 East 2 Da Westside