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Genre: Alternative

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Indie noise-pop band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, active from 1999 to 2006. The band began as a recording project spearheaded by Matt McLennan, Galaxy Jenny, Sean Pauls and Ryan McVeigh. Upon completion of the first album, the band's original live lineup consisted of Matt McLennan (vocals, guitar), Galaxy Jenny (bass, backing vocals), Jason Peters (guitar, backing vocals) and Christian Bohonos (drums, backing vocals). Upon completion of the band's third album, Bohonos and Peters left the group on amicable terms. They were replaced by Andrew Workman (drums, backing vocals, guitar, bass, piano rape, echo tube, tabla, synthesizer, jawbone of an ass, harmonica, handclaps, tuba, recorder, violin, can opener, etc.) and Leslie Oldham (vocals, keyboards, accordion), both of whom appeared on the fourth and fifth albums and innumerable live shows. Peters returned to the band in 2005, in time for the recording of the fifth and final album as well as the group's final two shows. Longtime sound engineer Ryan McVeigh is also listed in the credits of the final album as a band member.