Combichrist Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Combichrist Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Scarred
2 Sent To Destroy
3 All Pain Is Gone
4 Today We Are All Demons
5 I Want Your Blood
6 At The End Of It All
7 Get Out Of My Head
8 Carnival Of Terror
9 New Form Of Silence
10 The Kill V2
11 Machine Love
12 No Afterparty
13 At the End of It All / [unknown]
14 Line To The Dead
15 We Rule the World, Motherfuckers
16 Without Emotions (Live at Complex, LA)
17 Can't Control
18 Falling Apart
19 Sent to Destroy (Babyland Remix)
20 Are You Connected
21 Clouds of War
22 Can't Change the Beat
23 History Of Madness
24 Satans Propaganda
25 Spit (Live at Complex, LA)
26 Feed the Fire
27 Get Your Body Beat (Sergio Mesa Remix)
28 From My Cold Dead Hands
29 Gotta Go
30 I’m Happy Anyway
31 The Kill
32 Satan's Propaganda
33 My Life My Rules
34 Gimme Deathrace
35 Get Your Body Beat (Manufactura Remix)
36 Can’t Change the Beat (Designer Drugs remix)
37 Prince Of E-Ville
38 I'm Happy Anyway
39 Vater Unser
40 Retreat Hell Pt. 1
41 Exit Eternity
42 Empty
43 Get Your Body Beat (Point45 Remix)
44 Can’t Change the Beat (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
45 Shut Up And Swallow
46 Bottle of Pain
47 Turmoil
48 We Were Made to Love You
49 Skullcrusher
50 How Old Is Your Soul?
51 Get Your Body Beat (Spetsnaz Remix)
52 The Kill 2
53 Can’t Change the Beat (Remixed By Vaughn_e)
54 We Are the Plague
55 Follow the Trail of Blood
56 Industrial Strength
57 Every Day Is War
58 Time Again
59 Pull the Pin
60 Tranquilized
61 Get Your Body Beat (Amduscia Remix)
62 Can’t Change the Beat (Assemblage 23 Remix)
63 Destroy Everything
64 Throat Full of Glass (Tough Guy mix by S.A.M.)
65 Convenient Silence
66 Denial
67 Tired of Hating You
68 Zombie Fist Fight
69 427FE
70 Get Your Body Beat (KMFDM Remix)
71 Scarred (Shok’s Zeitmahl remix)
72 Don’t Care How You Feel About It
73 Pay to Play
74 Throat Full of Glass (vocal mix by Computer Club)
75 Strike
76 The Evil in Me
77 Blackened Heart
78 Sent to Destroy (Suicide Commmando Remix)
79 Caliber:Death
80 Prince of E-Ville (Accessory Remix)
81 At The End Of It A
82 Scarred (Shok's Zeitmahl Remix)
83 Slakt
84 Throat Full of Glass (dub mix by Computer Club)
85 Bullet Fuck
86 Love Is a Razorblade
87 Glitchteeth
88 Sent to Destroy (Northbone Remix)
89 Gore Baby, Gore
90 Sent to Destroy (Suicide Commando Remix)
91 Get Your Body Beat (Käpt’n K mix by Sascha Konietzko/KMFDM)
92 Black Tar Dove, Pt. 1
93 Throat Full of Glass (Renegade of Noise mix by Daniel Myer)
94 God Warrior
95 Retreat Hell, Part 1
96 Follow The Trail Of Blood (feat. Brandan Schiepatti of Bleeding Through)
97 Throat Full of Glass (Tough Guy Edit By S.A.M.)
98 Avenge
99 Sent to Destroy (Northborne Remix)
100 Sent to Destroy (remix by Rotersand)
101 Sent to Destroy (remix by NorthBorne)
102 Black Tar Dove, Pt. 2
103 This Shit Will Fcuk You Up
104 God Bless
105 Retreat Hell, Part 2
106 Follow The Trail Of Blood (Featuring Brandon Schieppati of Bleeding Through)
107 What the Fuck Is Wrong With You People?
108 Sent to Destroy (Rotersand Remix)
109 Bulletfuck
110 Sent to Destroy (remix by Suicide Commando)
111 Homeward
112 Sent to Destroy (edit)
113 Just Like Me
114 Maggots At the Party
115 Buried Alive
116 Get Your Body Beat (Sergio Masa Remix)
117 Till Death Do Us Party
118 Spit
119 Tractor
120 Prince of E-Ville (remix by Babyland)
121 Brain Bypass
122 What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?
123 Never Surrender
124 From My Cold Dead Hands (album version)
125 Age of Mutation
126 Monster: Murder:Kill
127 Who's Your Daddy, Snakegirl?
128 Throat Full Of Glass
129 Prince of E-Ville (remix by Accessory)
130 Adult Content
131 Spit (Happy Pig Whore Mom)
132 Blut Royale
133 From My Cold Dead Hands (remix by Ginger Fish feat. Disco Death Rock)
134 Zombie Fistfight
135 All Pain Is Gone (Rapid Ascent Mix)
136 Who’s Your Daddy, Snakegirl?
137 Scarred (Imperative Reaction Remix)
138 Prince of E-Ville (remix by Caustic)
139 Winteryear
140 Throat Full of Glass (single edit)
141 What The Fk Is Wrong With You
142 Retreat Hell Pt. 2
143 I Know What I Am Doing (Planet Treason)
144 Sent to Destroy (Caustic Remix)
145 All Pain Is Gone (Rapid Ascent mix by VNV Nation)
146 Scarred (Pull Out Kings Remix)
147 Can’t Change the Beat
148 Without Emotions
149 From My Cold Dead Hands (Remix by Ginger Fish & Disco Death Rock)
150 Brain Bypass (Live at Complex, LA)
151 Can’t Control
152 No Redemption
153 Sent to Destroy (Accessory Remix)
154 Kickstart The Fight
155 Monster:Murder:Kill
156 Scarred (Club Remix)