Colin Blunstone Lyrics

Genre: Pop

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Colin Blunstone Lyrics - by Popularity

1 How Could We Dare to Be Wrong
2 I Want To Say A Prayer
3 Ain't It Funny
4 Time Of The Season (with The Zombies)
5 The Tracks Of My Tears
6 Turn Your Heart Around
7 Dancing On A High Wire (with The Alan Parsons Project)
8 Dancing In The Dark
9 Say You Don’t Mind
10 Old And Wise (with The Alan Parsons Project)
11 Tiger In The Night (with Mike Batt & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)
12 Way Of The Evolution (with The Bolland Project)
13 Levi Stubbs' Tears
14 Mary Won't You Warm My Bed
15 Misty Roses
16 The Eagle Will Rise Again (with The Alan Parsons Project)
17 Emma My Dear (Love Theme) (with The Bolland Project)
18 Beginning
19 Photograph
20 I Don’t Believe In Miracles
21 Miles Away MitchellCoe Mysteries
22 Love Leads You (with Duncan Browne)
23 The Radio Was Playing Johnny Come Lately
24 Brother Lover
25 Keep The Curtains Closed Today
26 Losing You
27 Misunderstood (with Duncan Browne)
28 Everlasting Love
29 What Is Love
30 Exclusively For Me
31 I’ve Always Had You
32 For Absent Friends (with Steve Hackett)
33 Something Happens When You Touch Me
34 Weak For You
35 Home (with Rod Argent)
36 She’s Not There (with Neil MacArthur)
37 Who's That Knocking
38 Ain’t It Funny
39 Mystified (with Tod Argent)
40 Don’t Try To Explain (with Neil MacArthur)
41 Breakaway
42 Touch And Go
43 If I Said
44 Sanctuary (with Tod Argent)
45 Ignorance Is Bliss (with The Alan Parsons Project)
46 Andorra
47 Planes
48 Tearing The Good Things Down
49 In My Mind A Miracle (with The Zombies)
50 Splendid Morning (with Nadieh)
51 Beware
52 Send Me Your Broken Hearts
53 You Make Love So Good
54 I Want To Fly (with The Zombies)
55 Julie (If You Leave Me) (with Don Airey)
56 Caroline Goodbye
57 Mystified
58 Slowburn
59 Memphis (with The Zombies)
60 Somebody Out There (with The Alan Parsons Project)
61 I Don't Believe In Miracles
62 Sanctuary
63 Second Avenue
64 Love Left A Long Time Ago
65 Night Full Of Voices (with Keats)
66 Her Song
67 She’s Not There (with The Zombies)
68 I Want Some More
69 Any Other Way (with The Zombies)
70 Losing your Way In The Rain (with Mike Batt)
71 Though You Are Far Away
72 Tell Her No (with The Zombies)
73 What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted (with Dave Stewart)
74 The Ghost Of You And Me
75 I Fall Again (with Duncan Browne)
76 I Can't Live Without You
77 Summertime (with The Zombies)
78 Wonderful
79 So Much More
80 Politics Of Love