Cledus T. Judd Lyrics

Genre: Country

Cledus T. Judd Lyrics - by Popularity

1 How Do You Milk A Cow
2 Skoal: The Grundy County Auction Spitting Incident (Parody "Sold: The Grundy County Auction Incident" - John Michael Montgomery)
3 New Car
4 Christmas In Rehab
5 It's A Great Day To Be A Guy (Parody "It's A Great Day To Be Alive" - Travis Tritt)
6 Just Another Day in Parodies
7 (If I Had) Kellie Pickler's Boobs
8 Cledus' Christmas Ball
9 If Shania Was Mine (Parody "Any Man Of Mine" - Shania Twain)
10 Cledus Went Down To Florida (Parody "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" - The Charlie Daniels Band)
11 First Redneck on the Internet
12 Dang It, I'm Vixen
13 Third Rock From Her Thumb (Parody "Third Rock From The Sun" - Joe Diffie)
14 My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy (Parody 'She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy' - Kenny Chesney)
15 Cledus Went Down to Florida
16 Breath (Parody "Breathe" - Faith Hill)
17 Only 364 Shopping Days 'Til Christmas
18 Don't Serve Beans
19 Every Bulb In the House Is Blown
20 Double D Cups
21 Don't Mess With America
22 Third Rock from Her Thumb
23 1/2
24 Coronary Life
25 Feel Like A Pawn Star
26 ______ Is Funny
27 Indian In-Laws
28 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
29 Martie, Emily & Natalie
30 Where's Your Mommy?
31 A Little More Hungry Than That
32 Polyrically Uncorrect
33 Tree's On Fire
34 More Beaver
35 Christ-Mas
36 I'm Not In Here for Love (Just Yer Beer)
37 Please Take the Girl
38 Garth Must Be Busy
39 Wife Naggin'
40 My Voice
41 Santa Claus Is Watchin' You
42 Psychic to the Stars
43 Gone Funky (Parody "Gone Country" - Alan Jackson)
44 Did I Shave My Back for This?
45 Willie's Got a Big Deck
46 Katie Bar the Door
47 Please Take The Girl (Parody "Don't Take The Girl" - Tim McGraw)
48 Waitin' On Obama
49 It's a Great Day to Be a Guy
50 270 Somethin'
51 Every Light In The House Is Blown
52 Bake Me a Country Ham
53 Cooter
54 Let's Shoot Dove
55 Leave You Laughin'
56 Don't Mess With America (Bonus Track)
57 104 Amanda Street
58 Refried Beans
59 She's Got A Butt, Bigger Than The Beatles (Parody "Bigger Than The Beatles" - Joe Diffie)
60 Washing Airplanes
61 Paycheck Women
62 Mindy McCready
63 Merry Christmas from the Whole Fam Damily
64 Honeymoon
65 Shania I'm Broke
66 Tailgatin
67 All I Want For Christmas Is Two Gold Front Teef
68 Hillbilly Honeymoon
69 Shade Tree Mechanic
70 Tebow
71 Stephon The Alternative Lifestyle Reindeer
72 Hard Time
73 Just Another Day In Paradise
74 Hazel's Homemade Hallelujah Punch
75 Redneck Pool
76 Jackson (Alan That Is)
77 Did I Shave My Back For This? (Parody "Did I Shave My Legs For This?" - Deana Carter)
78 Merger On Music Row
79 I Love Nascar
80 (She's Got a Butt) Bigger Than the Beatles
81 Tweetin'
82 Ricky Tidwell's Mama Is Gonna Play Football
83 I Was Country When Country Wasn't Pop
84 Hell No
85 Gone Funky
86 Living Single In A Double Wide
87 Paycheck Woman
88 Goodbye Squirrel
89 If Shania Was Mine
90 The House That Broke Me
91 Wives Do It All The Time (Parody "Girls Do It All The Time" - Mindy McCready)
92 Breath
93 Wives Do It All the Time
94 My Cellmate Thinks I'm Sexy
95 Cledus Don't Stop Eatin' for Nuthin'
96 If This Is Country Music
97 What The *$@# Did You Say
98 Plowboy
99 She's Inflatable
100 Cledus T.
101 Swingin'