Clay Walker Lyrics

Genre: Country

Clay Walker Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Fall
2 La Bamba
3 She Likes It In the Morning
4 'Fore She Was Mama
5 The Chain Of Love
6 Say No More
7 Love To Be Your Last
8 If I Could Make a Living
9 A Few Questions
10 What's It to You
11 I Can't Forget Her - Clay Walker
12 I Hate Nights Like This
13 So Much More
14 If You Ever Feel Like Lovin' Me Again
15 Live, Laugh, Love
16 Real
17 Heartache Highway
18 Texas Swing
19 You're My Witness
20 If I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You
21 The Melrose Avenue Cinema Two
22 I'd Say That's Right
23 If I Could Make A Livin'
24 Dreaming With My Eyes Open
25 Live Until I Die
26 Loving You Comes Naturally to Me
27 I Don't Want To Know - Clay Walker
28 She's Always Right
29 Rough Around the Edges
30 Only on Days That End in "Y"
31 Rumor Has It
32 Woman Thing
33 Country Boy And City Girl
34 You Deliver Me
35 How to Make a Man Lonesome
36 Watch This
37 I Need A Margarita
38 You Make It Look so Easy
39 Cold Hearted
40 That's Us
41 Hand Me Down Heart
42 I'd Love to Be Your Last
43 The Silence Speaks For Itself
44 It Ain't Called Heartland (for Nothin')
45 Love Me Like You Love Me
46 I Love It
47 Where Do I Fit in the Picture
48 Go Tell It On The Mountain
49 I'll Be Home For Christmas
50 Lose Some Sleep Tonight
51 Before The Next Teardrop Falls
52 Hypnotize the Moon
53 Please Come Home for Christmas
54 Where Were You
55 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
56 Once in a Lifetime Love
57 Countrified
58 Boogie Till the Cows Come Home
59 Silent Night/Away In A Manger
60 Fore She Was Mama
61 Sweet Sun Angel
62 I Don't Want to Know
63 Down By The Riverside
64 Average Joe
65 She Won't Be Lonely Long
66 Ordinary People
67 I Can't Forget Her
68 This Time Love
69 She's Easy To Hold
70 It Ain't Called Heartland (For Nothing)
71 White Christmas
72 Lose Your Memory
73 If A Man Ain't Thinking ('Bout His Woman)
74 Then What?
75 Like We Never Said Goodbye
76 Money Ain't Everything
77 Jesse James
78 Winter Wonderland
79 This Woman and This Man
80 Where Do I Go From Loving You
81 My Heart Will Never Know
82 Heart Over Head Over Heels
83 Frosty the Snowman
84 Keep Me From Loving You
85 Chain Of Love
86 I Don't Know How Love Starts
87 Holdin' Her And Loving You
88 Who Needs You Baby
89 Double Shot Of John Wayne
90 What Do You Want For Nothin'
91 This Is What Matters
92 Countryfied
93 You're Beginning to Get to Me
94 Seven Sundays
95 One, Two, I Love You
96 A Cowboy's Toughest Ride
97 Workin' Man
98 Money Can't Buy (The Love We Had)
99 Everybody Needs Love
100 Bury The Shovel
101 Cowboy´S Toughest Ride
102 All American
103 Mexico
104 Next Step in Love
105 I'm in the Mood for You
106 Summertime Song
107 Holding Her and Loving You
108 You'll Never Hear The End Of It
109 White Palace
110 Coming Back Again
111 I Won't Have The Heart
112 Wrong Enough To Know
113 If A Man Ain't Thinkin' ('bout His Woman)
114 Could I Ask You Not to Dance
115 I Can't Sleep
116 When She's Good She's Good
117 Things I Should Have Said
118 Heaven Leave the Light On
119 Mary Did You Know
120 Let Me Take That Heartache (off Your Hands)
121 People In Planes
122 Jesus Was a Country Boy
123 It Ain't Called Heartland
124 Let Me Take The Heartache (Off Your Hands)
125 Feels So Right
126 Lonesome Sleep Tonight

Clay Walker Bio

Ernest Clayton "Clay" Walker, Jr. (born August 19, 1969) is an American country music artist. He made his debut in 1993 with the single "What's It to You", which reached Number One on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks (now Hot Country Songs) chart, as did its follow-up, 1994's "Live Until I Die". Both singles were included on his self-titled debut album, released in 1993 via Giant Records. He stayed with the label until its 2001 closure, later recording for Warner Bros. Records and RCA Records before joining his current label, Asylum-Curb Records, in 2007.

Clay Walker has released a total of 11 albums, including a greatest hits package and an album of Christmas music. His first four studio albums all achieved platinum certification in the United States and his greatest hits collection and fifth studio album were each certified gold. He has charted 30 country singles, including six Number Ones: "What's It to You", "Live Until I Die", Dreaming with My Eyes Open", "If I Could Make a Living", "This Woman and This Man", and "Rumor Has It". His most recent album, She Won't Be Lonely Long, was released in mid-2010.

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