City And Colour Lyrics

Genre: Acoustic

City And Colour Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Golden State
2 Boiled Frogs (Cover) (Live)
3 Natural Disaster
4 Take Care (Deluxe)
5 Sensible Heart (Live)
6 Day Old Hate (Live)
7 Missing
8 Constant Knot (Quiet Demo) [Bonus Track]
9 Against the Grain (demo)
10 I Don’t Need to Know (demo)
11 Body In a Box (Live)
12 Missing (Serravalle) (live at the L3 Nightclub)
13 Hello, I'm In Delaware (Live)
14 I Don't Need to Know (Demo)
15 I Don't Need To Know
16 Settle Down
17 Thrist
18 Little Hell
19 Ladies and Gentlemen (Deluxe)
20 Lover Come Back
21 The Girl (Live)
22 Forgive Me
23 At the Birds Foot (Vocal)
24 Sensible Heart (demo)
25 Death’s Song
26 I Don't Need to Know (B-Side Demo)
27 Casey’s Song (live at the L3 Nightclub)
28 Death of Me
29 The Urgency
30 Fragile Bird (Live)
31 Death's Songs
32 Northern Wind
33 The Golden State (Deluxe)
34 Wasted Love
35 Little Hell (Live)
36 Sam Malone
37 At the Bird’s Foot (Vocal Mix)
38 Sleeping Sickness (demo)
39 Boiled Frogs (Alexisonfire Cover) [Live At the Verge]
40 Faithless (B-Side Demo)
41 The Girl (Acoustic)
42 At The Bird’s Foot
43 In The Water, I Am Beautiful
44 Sorrowing Man (Live)
45 Bônus Track: The Way It Used to Be
46 Sorrowing Man
47 Death's Song (Deluxe)
48 Love Don't Live Here Anymore
49 Sleeping Sickness (Live)
50 Confessions
51 Fragile Bird (SmarterChild Remix)
52 Faithless
53 O' Sister (Live)
54 As Much As I Ever Could (The Myspace Transmissions)
55 Of Space and Time (Acoustic)
56 This Sudden Injury
57 The Sleeping Sickness
58 In the Water
59 Love Don't Live Here Anymore - (cover song)
60 Silver and Gold
61 The Way it Used To Be (Bonus) (Deluxe)
62 Cowgirl In the Sand
63 Faithless (Demo) [Bonus Track]
64 Save Your Scissors
65 We Found Each Other In the Dark (Live)
66 Forgive Me (demo)
67 Forgive Me (Live At the Verge)
68 The Girl (The Myspace Transmissions)
69 Harder Than Stone (Acoustic)
70 Woman
71 So Low
72 The Way It Used To Be (Bonus Track)
73 Boiled Frogs (Alexisonfire Cover) - Live @ The Verge
74 Hope for Now
75 Of Space and Time (acoustic) (Deluxe)
76 Happiness by the Kilowatt
77 I Don't Need to Know (Demo) [Bonus Track]
78 Sometimes (I Wish)
79 Grand Optimist (Live)
80 Confessions (demo)
81 Boiled Frogs (Live At The Verge)
82 Comin' Home (Bonus Track)
83 The Way It Used To Be
84 Northern Blues
85 Casey’s Song
86 Of Space and Time (Acoustic Version)
87 Forgive Me - Live @ The Verge
88 Fragile Bird (acoustic)
89 Harder than Stone (acoustic) (Deluxe)
90 The Death of Me
91 Against the Grain (Live At XM's Six Shooter House)
92 Save Your Scissors (alternate)
93 At the Bird's Foot ((Vocal))
94 The Death of Me (demo)
95 Grand Optimist
96 What Makes a Man (The Myspace Transmissions)
97 Of Space and Time
98 Mizzy C
99 O' Sister
100 Harder Than Stone (Acoustic Version)
101 Boiled Frogs (Alexisonfire Cover) - Live
102 Of Space and Time (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
103 As Much As I Ever Could
104 Faithless (Bonus Track)
105 Sensible Heart
106 Forgive Me (Live)
107 Comin’ Home (alternate)
108 Weightless (Demo)
109 What Makes a Man? (Live)
110 Thirst
111 If I Should Go Before You
112 Hello, I’m in Delaware
113 The Hurry and the Harm (Deluxe)
114 Boiled Frogs - (Alexisonfire Cover)
115 Harder Than Stone (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)
116 The Girl
117 I Don't Need to Know (Bonus Track)
118 Missing (A Tribute to Ralph Serravalle)
119 As Much As I Ever Could (Demo) [Bonus Track]
120 Nowhere, Texas
121 At The Bird's Foot
122 I Don't Need to Know (B-Side)
123 The Hurry and the Harm
124 Killing Time
125 I Don’t Need to Know
126 Harder Than Stone (Deluxe)
127 Against the Grain - Live @ XM's Six Shooter House
128 Natural Disasters
129 Against the Grain
130 Forgive Me (Demo) [Bonus Track]
131 What Makes a Man? (demo)
132 Against the Grain (Demo) [Bonus Track]
133 ...Off By Heart
134 Make Believe
135 Against the Grain (The Myspace Transmissions)
136 Harder Than Stone
137 Runaway
138 Map of the World
139 Hello, I'm in Delaware
140 Of Space and Time (Deluxe)
141 Like Knives (Live)
142 Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready)
143 Waiting...
144 Confessions (Demo) [Bonus Track]
145 Like Knives
146 Sensible Heart (Demo) [Bonus Track]
147 Off By Heart
148 Fragile Bird (Radio Edit)
149 Body In a Box (The Myspace Transmissions)
150 The Lonely Life
151 Friends
152 Hello, I’m Delaware
153 The Lonely Life (Deluxe)
154 Confessions (Live)
155 Captured
156 Constant Knot
157 The Death of Me (Demo) [Bonus Track]
158 Day Old Hate
159 Sleeping Sickness (Demo Version)
160 How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me
161 Sam Malone (Live)
162 Faithless (B-Side)
163 Paradise
164 Blood
165 Fragile Bird
166 Paradise (Deluxe)
167 Casey's Song (Live)
168 Comin' Home (Live)
169 What Makes a Man?
170 Body In a Box (Demo) [Bonus Track]
171 Faithless (demo)
172 Love Don't Live Here Anymore (The Myspace Transmissions)
173 Soon Enough
174 Death of Me (Live)
175 Constant Knot (Horns Demo) [Bonus Track]
176 Commentators
177 Comin’ Home
178 Weightless
179 Commentators (Deluxe)
180 Happiness by the Kilowatt (Live)
181 Save Your Scissors (Live)
182 Sleeping Sickness
183 Sleeping Sickness (Demo) [Bonus Track]
184 As Much as I Ever Could (demo)
185 The Death of Me (Live)
186 Boiled Frogs
187 Waiting... (Live)
188 Constant Knot (Quiet demo)
189 Two Coins
190 Take Care
191 Casey's Song
192 The Grand Optimist
193 Thirst (Deluxe)
194 Comin' Home (Alternate Performance) [Live]
195 As Much As I Ever Could (Live)
196 Body In a Box
197 What Makes a Man? (Demo) [Bonus Track]
198 Body in a Box (demo)
199 Save Your Scissors (Bonus Track)
200 Missing (Serravalle)
201 Hello, I'm In Deleware
202 Constant Knot (Horns demo)
203 Ladies and Gentlemen
204 The Way It Used To Be - Bonus
205 We Found Each Other in the Dark
206 Two Coins (Deluxe)
207 Save Your Scissors (Alternate Performance) [Live]
208 Weightless (Live)
209 Waiting... (Radio Edit)
210 Waiting ... (Demo) [Bonus Track]
211 Waiting… (demo)
212 Sensible Heart (Bonus Track)
213 In the Water I Am Beautiful (live at the L3 Nightclub)
214 Against the Grain (Live)
215 Death's Song

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Juno Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green, who was also the guitarist and vocalist of the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire. He plays melodic acoustic and folk music and is often accompanied by a rotating number of Canadian indie rock musicians, such as Daniel Romano and Spencer Burton of Attack in Black.