Circulatory System Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Circulatory System Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Breathing Universe
2 Gold Will Stay
3 Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant
4 This Morning (We Remembered Everything)
5 I, You, We
6 Particle Parades
7 Days To Come (in Photographs)
8 Mosaic #2
9 Mosaic #7
10 How Long?
11 Symbols And Maps
12 When You’re Small
13 Makes No Sense
14 Tiny Concerts
15 Outside Blasts
16 The Pillow
17 Do You Know What’s Real
18 Conclusions
19 Electronic Diversion
20 The Frozen Lake/The Symmetry
21 Stars
22 Over Dinner The Cardinal Spoke
23 Mosaic #8
24 Overjoyed
25 Yesterday's World
26 Should A Cloud Replace A Compass?
27 Aerial View of a Heart (From Above)
28 Bakery Spires
29 Diary Of Wood
30 Time Or Dateline
31 There Is No Time But Now
32 Night Falls
33 New From The Heavenly Loom
34 Joy
35 Your Parades
36 Puffs of Cotton
37 Elastic Empire Coronation
38 The Spinning Continuous
39 Prehistoric
40 Forever
41 The Reasons Before You Knew
42 The Lovely Universe
43 Physical MirageVisible Magic
44 Mosaic #3
45 Blasting Through
46 Round
47 If You Think About It Now
48 Mosaics Within Mosaics
49 Solid Forms Dissolving
50 Inside Blasts
51 No Risk
52 Mosaic #4
53 The Frozen Lake / The Symmetry
54 Illusion
55 Just In Time To See You All
56 Open Up Your Lives
57 Until Moon Medium Hears The Message
58 Waves Of Bark And Light
59 Neon Light
60 Mosaic #5
61 (Drifts)
62 Now
63 It’s Love
64 Sounds That You’ve Never Heard Before
65 Signal Morning
66 A Peek
67 Mosaic #1
68 Stars and Molecules
69 Round Again
70 Fingers
71 Tiny Planes on Canvas
72 Mosaic #6
73 Rocks And Stones

Circulatory System Bio

Psychedelic Rock musical ensemble formed by musician/painter Will Cullen Hart, and featuring Derek Almstead, Suzanne Allison, Peter Erchick, John Fernandes, Charlie Johnston, and Heather McIntosh.

Hart is famous for his work in the Elephant Six Collective as one of the lead players in The Olivia Tremor Control. After the band disbanded in 2000, he and most of the other former Olivias formed Circulatory System, with the exception of Bill Doss, who was focusing on his solo project Sunshine Fix, and Eric Harris. Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Mangum also contributed to their albums, but was only briefly part of the touring version of the band.

A second full-length album, Signal Morning, was released on September 8, 2009. The song "Overjoyed" was released as a single. Also they played live at Primavera Sound Festival 2010.