Chuck Prophet Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Chuck Prophet Lyrics - by Popularity

1 I Bow Down and Pray to Every Woman I See
2 Age of Miracles
3 Small-Town Girl
4 Smallest Man In the World
5 Solid Gold
6 Doubter Out Of Jesus (All Over You)
7 If I Was a Baby
8 After the Rain
9 Love Won't Keep Us Apart
10 Soap And Water
11 Old Friends
12 Freckle
13 Ford Econoline
14 You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)
15 Leave the Window Open
16 Automatic Blues
17 New Kingdom
18 Felony Glamour
19 That's How Much I Need Your Love
20 Love Is the Only Thing
21 A Woman's Voice
22 Heart Beat
23 Truth Will Out (Ballad of Melissa and Remy)
24 Hot Talk
25 Countrified Inner City Technological Man
26 Let's Do Something Wrong
27 Play That Song Again
28 ¡Let Freedom Ring! (feat. El Tri)
29 Would You Love Me?
30 Wish Me Luck
31 I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
32 West Memphis Moon
33 Castro Halloween
34 Museum Of Broken Hearts
35 No Other Love - PSILY
36 La Paloma
37 Lonely Desolation
38 Talkin' New Kingdom
39 You Got Me Where You Want Me
40 Willie Mays Is Up At Bat
41 I Can Feel Heart Beat
42 Rise
43 Laughing On the Inside
44 Naked Ray
45 Heavy Duty
46 The Left Hand and the Right Hand
47 Would You Love Me? (radio edit)
48 Diamond Jim
49 Tell Me Anything (Turn To Gold)
50 Downtime
51 Monkey In the Middle
52 I Felt Like Jesus
53 Temple Beautiful
54 Statehouse (Burning in the Rain)
55 Happy Ending
56 Who Shot John
57 New Year's Day
58 Heart Breaks Like the Dawn
59 What Can You Tell Me
60 What Can a Mother Do
61 He Came From So Far Away (Red Man Speaks)
62 Dyin' All Young
63 The Hurting Business
64 Where the Hell Is Henry?
65 Little Girl, Little Boy
66 Just to See You Smile
67 Sonny Liston's Blues
68 Run Primo Run
69 ¡Let Freedom Ring!
70 White Night, Big City
71 Summertime Thing
72 Down Time
73 Storm Across the Sea
74 You and Me Baby (Holding On)
75 Emperor Norton in the Last Year Of His Life (1880)
76 New Years Day
77 Apology
78 No Other Love
79 American Man
80 Guilty As a Saint
81 Pin a Rose on Me
82 It Won't Be Long
83 Elouise
84 Barely Exist
85 They Don't Know About Me and You
86 Freckle Song
87 I Couldn't Be Happier
88 What Makes the Monkey Dance
89 Good Time Crowd

Chuck Prophet Bio

Chuck Prophet (born June 28, 1963) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer. A Californian, Prophet first achieved notice in the American psychedelic/desert rock group Green on Red, with whom he toured and recorded in the 1980s. He has also recorded a number of solo records, and gained prominence as a musician and songwriter.

Chuck Prophet was born in Whittier, California. Prophet's father appears briefly in the 1955 film Blackboard Jungle. After recording one E.P. and eight albums with rock group Green on Red, he released his first solo record Brother Aldo on Fire Records in 1990.

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