Christina Aguilera Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Christina Aguilera Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Silent Night (Noche De Paz)
2 You Lost Me
3 Blessed
4 Hurt
5 Will The Real Slim Shady Please Shut-Up
6 F.U.S.S. (Interlude)
7 The Right Man
8 Ain't No Other Man
9 Love Will Find a Way
10 Genie in a Bottle
11 Obvious
12 Morning Dessert (Intro)
13 The Way You Talk To Me
14 El Beso Del Final
15 Genie In A Bottle (Flavio Vs. Mad Boris Remix)
16 At Last
17 I Turn To You (Thunderpuss Remix)
18 Come On Over (All I Want Is You)
19 I Will Be
20 Genie In A Bottle (Remix)
21 Something's Got A Hold On Me
22 I Turn to You
23 Falsas Esqeranzas
24 Merry Christmas, Baby (featuring Dr. John)
25 Put Your Hands On Me
26 Genio Atrapado
27 Reflection
28 Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti
29 Somebody's Somebody
30 Por Siempre T¨´
31 Soar
32 Si No Te Hubiera Conido
33 Just Be Free (remix)
34 Si No Te Hubiera Conocido
35 The Voice Within
36 Ven Conmigo (Solamente Tu)
37 Fighter
38 All I Wanna Do (with Keizo Nakanishi)
39 Genie Atrapado (Re-Mix)
40 Running Out Of Time
41 Impossible
42 Falsas Esperanzas
43 Keeps Getting Better
44 10 Christina Aguilera - I'm Ok
45 So Emotional
46 Si No Te Hubiera Conocido (with Luis Fonsi)
47 Beautiful
48 The Music That Makes Me Dance
49 Can't Hold Us Down
50 Loves Embrace (Loving Me For Me Interlude)
51 I Hate Boys
52 Loving Me For Me (Interlude)
53 Intro (Back To Basics)
54 Infatuation
55 Cuando No Es Contigo
56 Reflection (Pop Version)
57 Candyman
58 Come On Over, Baby (All I Want Is You) [Radio Version]
59 What A Girl Wants (Eddie Arroyo Dance Radio Edit)
60 Dirrty (No Rap Edit) [(No Rap Edit)]
61 Oh Mother
62 Oh Holy Night
63 Mi Reflejo
64 Lady Marmalade
65 These Are The Special Times
66 Loves Embrace
67 Make Over
68 Believe Me (Dance Mix)
69 By Your Side
70 Christina Aguilera - The Voice Within
71 A Voice Within
72 Primer Amor (Infatuation Interlude)
73 Dirrty Ft/ Redman
74 Stripped Part 1
75 When You Put Your Hands On Me
76 Keep On Singing My Song
77 Me Acuerdo De Ti
78 My Heart (Intro)
79 Too Beautiful for Words
80 car wash
81 Dirrty
82 Underappreciated
83 I Am (Stripped)
84 Move It
85 Walk Away
86 What A Girl Wants (Remix)
87 Save Me From Myself
88 "Get Mine , Get Yours"
89 Love And Glamour (Intro)
90 Infatuation (Interlude)
91 What A Girl Wants (Video Version)
92 2 Beautiful 4 Words
93 What A Girl Wants (Radio Mix)
94 Spotlight
95 Christmas Time
96 Back In The Day
97 Love for All Seasons
98 Dreamy Eyes
99 Understand
100 Circles
101 Keeps Gettin' Better
102 Loves Embrace Interlude
103 Welcome
104 The Christmas Song (Holiday Remix)
105 Bobblehead
106 A Woman
107 Merry Christmas, Baby"(feat. Dr. John
108 Best of Me
109 Still Dirrty
110 Loving Me For Me
111 Enter The Circus
112 Xtina's Xmas
113 Believe Me
114 Elastic Love
115 Just Be Free (spanish)
116 Just a Fool
117 Bionic
118 18 A Voice Within
119 Emotional
120 Infatutation - Primer Amor Interlude
121 Hello
122 Over The River And Through The Woods
123 Empty Words
124 Sex For Breakfast
125 Love Is Only Love
126 Christina Aguilera - Beautiful
127 This Christmas
128 Stripped (Part Two)
129 Primer Amor Interlude
130 A Song For You
131 Stripped Part 2
132 Express
133 Shut Up
134 Lift Me Up
135 My Funny Valentine
136 This Year
137 Oh Holly Night
138 What A Girl Wants
139 Loving For Me
140 Dream A Dream
141 Star Spangled Banner
142 Don't Make Me Love You (Till I'm Ready)
143 Por Siempre Tu
144 Light Up the Sky
145 My Girls
146 The Christmas Song
147 Monday Morning
148 Come On Over Baby (Video Edit)
149 Just Be Free
150 Come On Over Radio Disney Edit
151 Infatuatiuon
152 Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix)
153 Genie 2.0
154 Glam
155 Stripped, Pt. 2
156 Can't Hold Us Down Feat: Lil Kim
157 Stripped Intro
158 Cease Fire
159 Contigo en la Distancia
160 Dynamite
161 That's What Love Can Do
162 Cruz
163 Vanity
164 Christina Aguilera - Dirrty (Cd Quality)
165 Voice Within
166 Make Me Happy
167 Lotus Intro
168 Una Mujer
169 You Are What You Are
170 We're a Miracle
171 Primer Amor
172 Slow Down Baby
173 Not Myself Tonight
174 Merry Christmas, Baby
175 Your Body
176 My song
177 We're A Miracle (Import Version)
178 Mercy On Me
179 Thank You (Dedication To Fans...)
180 All I Need
181 Stripped Pt. 1
182 Move It (Dance Mix)
183 Make The World Move
184 Army Of Me
185 My Delirium
186 Woohoo
187 On Our Way
188 Birds Of Prey
189 Our Day Will Come
190 Easier To Lie
191 Sing For Me
192 Loving Me 4 Me
193 I'm OK
194 Nasty Naughty Boy
195 Come On Over (All I Want Is You) (Remix)
196 I Am
197 Red Hot Kinda Love
198 Blank Page
199 Come On Over Baby
200 What Kind Of World
201 Here To Stay
202 Little Dreamer
203 Singing My Song
204 Let's Find Out
205 Mother
206 Angels We Have Heard On High
207 Makes Me Wanna Pray
208 O Holy Night
209 Prima Donna
210 Nobody Wants To Be Lonely
211 Let There Be Love
212 I Got Trouble
213 All Right Now
214 Desnudate
215 Dame Lo Que Yo Te Doy
216 Around the World
217 Don't Make Me Love You
218 Have Yourself A Merry Little
219 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
220 Keep On Singin' My Song
221 Without You
222 Stronger Than Ever

Christina Aguilera Bio

Christina María Aguilera (born December 18, 1980) is an American pop/R&B singer and songwriter. After appearing on local talent shows and the Disney Channel's The New Mickey Mouse Club, she was signed to RCA Records after recording "Reflection" for the film Mulan. She came to prominence following her debut album Christina Aguilera (1999), which was a commercial success spawning three number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. A Latin pop album, Mi Reflejo (2001), and several collaborations followed which garnered Aguilera worldwide success, but she was displeased with the lack of input in her music and image.

After parting from her management, Aguilera took creative control over her second studio album Stripped (2002), which received mixed reviews and produced substantial sales. The second single, "Beautiful", was a commercial success and sustained the album's sales amidst controversy over Aguilera's sexual image. Aguilera's third studio album Back to Basics (2006), included elements of soul, jazz, and blues music, and was released to positive critical reception. She will release her greatest hits album, Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade of Hits scheduled for release on November 11, 2008.

Aguilera is currently in the studio working on her forthcoming album. Aside from being known for her vocal ability, music videos and ever-changing image, musically, she includes themes of dealing with public scrutiny, her childhood, and female empowerment in her music. Apart from her work in music, she has also dedicated much of her time as a philanthropist for charities, human rights and world issues. Aguilera's work has earned her numerous awards, including five Grammy Awards amongst eighteen nominations. She has become one of the most successful recording artists of the decade, selling more than 37 million worldwide.

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