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Toni Childs (born October 29, 1957) is an American singer-songwriter from Orange, California. She has released four studio albums and is best known for her songs "Don't Walk Away" (a Hot 100 hit in the United States in 1988), "I've Got To Go Now", a Top 5 hit in Australia in 1991, and the Emmy-winning "Because You're Beautiful (released as a single in 2004, and featured on her 2008 album Keep The Faith). In New Zealand she has achieved six Top 40 hit singles and three platinum albums.

Childs was born in Orange, California, but lived in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Nevada during her childhood. Raised in a household dominated by her parents' religious values, Childs stated in a 1988 article for Time magazine that she and her three brothers "were not allowed to listen to pop music or rock or even go to the movies. There was a lot I missed out on." At the age of 15, Childs ran away from home and became a blues musician. In 1972, she saw Pink Floyd in concert and decided to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter.

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