Charlie Feathers Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Charlie Feathers Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Can't Hardly Stand It
2 Bottle to the Baby (take 1)
3 When You Decide
4 I’ve Been Deceived
5 Jungle Fever (Remastered)
6 Nobody's Woman
7 Bottle to the Baby (take 2)
8 Jungle Fever
9 Cold Dark Night
10 Can’t Hardly Stand It
11 Bottle to the Baby (unissued alternative demo)
12 Why Don't You
13 The Wild Side of Life
14 Nobody’s Woman
15 That Certain Female (unissued alternative version)
16 Dinky John
17 Can't Hardly Stand It 2
18 That Certain Female (From "Kill Bill , Vol. 1")
19 Defrost Your Heart (Remastered Version)
20 South of Chicago
21 One Hand Loose 2
22 Can't Hardly Stand It (From "Kill Bill , Vol. 2")
23 Wild Wild Party
24 Corrine, Corrina
25 Bottle to the Baby 3
26 One Hand Loose (alternate take)
27 One Hand Loose
28 I Can't Hardly Stand It
29 He'll Have to Go
30 Can't Hardly Stand It (alternate take)
31 I've Been Deceived
32 It's Just That Song
33 Everybody’s Lovin’ My Baby
34 Bottle to the Baby (alternate take)
35 Bottle to the Baby
36 Can't Hardly Stand
37 It´s Just That Song
38 Bottle to the Baby (alternative take)
39 Defrost Your Heart
40 Today and Tomorrow
41 Peepin' Eyes
42 Bottle to the Baby (Sun demo Vers.1)
43 Wedding Gown of White
44 Stutterin' Cindy
45 I Can't Hardly Stand It (from Kill Bill Vol. 2)
46 Bottle to the Baby (Sun demo Vers.2)
47 Get With It
48 Uh Huh Honey
49 One Hand Loose (Remastered)
50 Bottle to the Baby (Sun take 1)
51 Tongue Tied Jill
52 That Certain Female
53 Bottle to the Baby (Remastered)
54 Bottle to the Baby (Sun take 2)
55 Everybody's Lovin' My Baby
56 Fraulein
57 Everybody's Lovin' My Baby (Remastered)
58 Tongue Tied Jill (Remastered)
59 Tongue-Tied Jill (live)
60 Too Much Alike
61 Mound of Clay
62 Can't Hardly Stand It (Remastered)
63 Get With It (Remastered)
64 Bottle to the Baby (take 4)
65 When You Come Around
66 I Can’t Hardly Stand It
67 That Certain Female (Remastered)

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Charlie Feathers Bio

Charles Arthur "Charlie" Feathers (June 12, 1932 – August 29, 1998) was an influential American rockabilly and country music performer.

Feathers was born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, and recorded a string of popular singles like "Peepin' Eyes," "Defrost Your Heart," "Tongue-Tied Jill," and "Bottle to the Baby" on Sun Records, Meteor and King Records in the 1950s.

Feathers was known for being a master of shifting emotional and sonic dynamics in his songs. His theatrical, hiccup-styled, energetic, rockabilly vocal style inspired a later generation of rock vocalists, including Lux Interior of The Cramps.

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