Cathedral Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Cathedral Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Voyage Of The Homeless Sapien
2 Vampire Sun
3 Comiserating The Celebration
4 Equilibrium
5 Enter The Worms
6 Soul Sacrifice
7 Autumn Twilight
8 Fangalactic Supergoria
9 Hypnos 164
10 Statik Majik
11 Comiserating The Celebration (Of Life)
12 Serpent Eve
13 Infestation of Grey Death
14 Jaded Entity
15 Edwige's Eyes
16 Cyclops Revolution
17 Magnetic Hole
18 Funeral Request
19 An Observation
20 Phantasmagoria
21 Cats, Incense, Candles And Wine
22 Urko's Conquest
23 Requiem For The Sun
24 Purple Wonderland
25 Blue Light
26 Upon Azrael's Wings
27 This Body, Thy Tomb
28 Ride
29 One Dimensional People
30 Suicide Asteroid
31 Birth Machine 2000
32 Carnival Bizarre
33 Hopkins
34 Frozen Rapture
35 Skullflower
36 The Casket Chasers
37 The Unnatural World
38 The Empty Mirror
39 Electric Grave
40 The Last Spire, Pt. 1
41 Golden Blood (Flooding)
42 Iconoclast
43 La Noche Del Buque Maldito (aka Ghost Ship Of The Blind Dead)
44 Whores To Oblivion
45 Fangalacticus Supergoria
46 Violet Vortex (Intro)
47 Cosmic Funeral
48 Freedom
49 The Running Man
50 The Omega Man
51 Inertia's Cave
52 Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)
53 Earth Messiah
54 Halo Of Fire
55 Requiem For The Voiceless
56 Dragon Ryder 13
57 Upon Azrael's Wings
58 Inertias Cave
59 The Caravan
60 Midnight Mountain
61 Corpsecycle
62 Journeys Into Jade
63 Resisting The Ghost
64 Satanikus Robotikus
65 Night Of The Seagulls
66 Revolution
67 Aphrodite's Winter
68 Cats, Incense, Candles & Wine
69 Phoenix Rising
70 Dust Of Paradise
71 Palace Of Fallen Majesty
72 Black Sunday
73 The Law Of The Land Is Great
74 Black Robed Avenger
75 La Noche Del Buque Maldito
76 Voodoo Fire
77 Cybertron 71/Eternal Countdown
78 Utopian Blaster
79 Congregation of Sorcerers
80 Congregation Of Sorcerer's
81 Fire
82 Melancholy Emperor
83 Captain Clegg
84 Texting
85 Ashes You Leave
86 Immaculate Misconception
87 Kaleidoscope Of Desire
88 Phaser Quest
89 Heavy Load
90 Entrance to Hell
91 Funeral Of Dreams
92 A Funeral Request
93 Nocturnal Fist
94 Nightmare Castle
95 Ebony Tears
96 Pallbearer
97 Fountain Of Innoncence
98 Painting In The Dark
99 Astral Queen
100 Fountain Of Innocence
101 Reaching Happiness, Touching Pain
102 Cathedral of the Damned
103 Grim Luxuria
104 Death Of An Anarchist
105 Ultra Earth
106 Tree Of Life And Death
107 Picture Of Beauty And Innocence
108 Reaching Happiness,touching Pain
109 Tower of Silence
110 Imprisoned In Flesh
111 The Guessing Game
112 Alchemist Of Sorrows
113 Stained Glass Horizon

Cathedral Bio

Cathedral are a doom metal band from Coventry, England. The group forged a link between early doom metal and a 1990s extreme metal aesthetic, making doom slower and heavier. Their debut album, Forest of Equilibrium, is considered a classic of the genre. They later on changed their doom style, playing it in a more uptempo and groove-oriented fashion.

The band was founded in 1989 by Lee Dorrian (former singer of grindcore pioneers Napalm Death), Mark 'Griff' Griffiths (a Carcass roadie) and Garry 'Gaz' Jennings (formerly of thrash metal upstarts Acid Reign). At first they played very heavy and slow doom metal that was first released through Rise Above Records, vocalist Lee Dorrian's indie label, before signing to Earache. They later incorporated elements of progressive rock into their sound when the band signed to Columbia Records in the USA in 1992 (while still under contract with Earache U.K.). They were later dropped by Columbia Records in 1994. The band continued with Earache Records until 2000. Then signed to Dream Catcher Records for one lp and a tour. In 2004 Cathedral signed to their current label Nuclear Blast.

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