Catatonia Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Catatonia Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Dead From The Waist Down
2 This Boy Can't Swim
3 That's All Folks
4 For Tinkerbell
5 International Velvet
6 Apathy Revolution
7 Painful
8 Mantra For The Lost
9 Sweet Catatonia
10 Londinium
11 No Stone Unturned
12 You've Got A Lot To Answer For
13 Post Script
14 All Girls Are Fly
15 Acapulco Gold
16 Storm The Palace
17 Hidden Track
18 Bleed
19 Don't Need The Sunshine
20 Game On
21 Hooked
22 Apple Core
23 Branding A Mountain
24 Goldfish And Paracetamol
25 I'm Cured
26 Infantile
27 Bad Bad Boy
28 Difrycheulyd (Snail Ambition)
29 I Am The Mob
30 Indigo Blind
31 Lost Cat
32 Blues Song
33 International Velvet (Welsh And English)
34 Bulimic Beats
35 Is Everybody Here On Drugs?
36 Dimbran
37 Dazed Beautiful & Bruised
38 Johnny Come Lately
39 Jump Or Be Sane
40 Some Half Baked Idea Called Wonderful
41 Godspeed
42 Mulder and Scully
43 My Selfish Gene
44 Shore Leave
45 Karaoke Queen
46 Part Of The Furniture
47 New Mercurial Heights
48 Long Time Lonely
49 Road Rage
50 Intercontinental Sigh
51 Way Beyond Blue
52 "Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised"
53 Mulder & Scully (live)
54 Strange Glue
55 Whale
56 Beautiful Loser
57 Nothing Hurts
58 Why I Can't Stand One Night Stands
59 Stone By Stone
60 Immediate Circle
61 Why I Can't Stand One Nights Stands
62 The Mother Of Misogyny
63 She's A Millionaire
64 The Ballad Of Tom Jones
65 Arabian Derby
66 Imaginary Friend
67 Shoot The Messenger
68 Difrycheulyd
69 To And Fro
70 Fuel
71 Don't Wanna Talk About It
72 You Can
73 What It Is
74 Valerian
75 Do You Believe In Me
76 Some Half Baked Ideal Called Wonderful
77 Village Idiot
78 Gyda Gwen (With A Smile)
79 Dream On
80 Fall Beside Her
81 Blow The Millennium, Part 2

Catatonia Bio

Catatonia were an alternative rock band from Wales who gained a national following in the United Kingdom in the mid-late 1990s. The band consisted of Cerys Matthews on vocals, Mark Roberts on guitar, Paul Jones on bass (both now members of Y Ffyrc, and former members of Sherbet Antlers and Y Cyrff), Owen Powell (who is a judge on 'Wawffactor' – akin to a Welsh X Factor) on guitar, and Aled Richards (who now drums for Amy Wadge) on drums. Matthews and Roberts were the main songwriters.

Initially the line up fluctuated, at various times including Clancy Pegg (later of Tystion) on keyboards, Daisy Hewitt as a harmony singer, Dafydd Ieuan and Kris Jenkins (of Super Furry Animals) on drums and percussion, before settling down to the "classic" line up in 1995.

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