Cat Stevens Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Cat Stevens Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Father and Son
2 How Can I Tell You
3 I Want to Live in a Wigwam
4 Wild World
5 King of Trees
6 I Love Them All
7 Ruins
8 Kitty
9 Tea for the Tillerman
10 Father
11 The Boy With a Moon and Star on His Head
12 Moonshadow
13 Lady D'Arbanville
14 Life
15 If I Laugh
16 Can't Keep It In
17 Lady D'Arbanville (Live)
18 Here Comes My Baby
19 Tuesday's Dead
20 Hard Headed Woman
21 Oh Very Young
22 (Remember the Days of The) Old Schoolyard
23 Just Another Night
24 Morning Has Broken
25 I Wish, I Wish
26 Home in the Sky
27 The First Cut Is the Deepest
28 Matthew & Son
29 Ready
30 Indian Ocean
31 Come on Baby (Shift That Log)
32 Bitterblue
33 Another Saturday Night
34 The Hurt
35 Angelsea
36 Jzero
37 Where Do the Children Play?
38 Never
39 Peace Train
40 100 I Dream
41 Granny
42 Old Schoolyard
43 Mona Bone Jakon
44 Pop Star
45 Smash Your Heart
46 Lady
47 Time
48 If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out
49 Sad Lisa
50 If You Want To Sing Out, Sing
51 Where Are You
52 Banapple Gas
53 Here Comes My Wife
54 Drywood
55 18th Avenue - Kansas City Nightmare
56 Changes IV
57 I've Got a Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old
58 Two Fine People
59 Trouble
60 Last Love Song
61 Land O' Free Love & Goodbye
62 If Only Mother Could See Me Now
63 Come On And Dance
64 Majik of Majiks
65 O Caritas
66 Monad's Anthem
67 Foreigner Suite
68 Novim's Nightmare
69 Sitting
70 A Bad Penny
71 But I Might Die Tonight
72 Bonfire
73 But I Might Die Tonight - From Film Deep End
74 I See A Road
75 Maybe Your Right
76 God Is the Light
77 Northern Wind
78 Into White
79 Foreigner Suite (Excerpt)
80 Child for a Day
81 Shift That Log
82 I've Found A Love
83 Can't Keep In
84 Seasons In The Sun
85 Jesus
86 Longer Boats
87 18th Avenue
88 Crazy
89 Hard Headed Women
90 Nascimento
91 Miles from Nowhere
92 Land O'Freelove and Goodbye
93 Killin' Time
94 Sun/C79
95 The Artist
96 A Bad Night
97 The Laughing Apple
98 Music
99 (I Never Wanted) To Be a Star
100 Kypros
101 Remember The Days Of The Old School Yard
102 Portobello Road
103 Father & Son
104 Blackness of the Night
105 The View from the Top
106 Bring Another Bottle
107 Bad Breaks
108 The Tramp
109 I Was Raised in Babylon
110 Ceylon City
111 Katmandu
112 Back To The Good Old Times
113 When I Speak To The Flowers
114 Big Boss Man
115 Bad Brakes
116 Sun / C79
117 On the Road to Find Out
118 Love Lives in the Sky
119 Sweet Jamaica
120 Bad Penny
121 Dying to Live
122 Daytime
123 Moon Shadow
124 Was Dog A Doughnut?
125 Cats In The Cradle
126 You Are My Sunshine
127 Home
128 The Wind
129 To Be A Star
130 Baby, Get Your Head Screwed On
131 C79
132 Editing Floor Blues
133 Image Of Hell
134 Peacetrain
135 Better Bring Another Bottle Baby
136 I've Got A Thing About Seeing My Grandson Grow Old - Previously Unreleased
137 Fill My Eyes
138 Cat & the Dog Trap
139 I'm Gonna Be King
140 Freezing Steel
141 The Day They Make Me Tsar
142 I Think I See the Light
143 Gold Digger
144 I'm So Sleepy
145 Bad Penny (Live)
146 Honeyman
147 The Devil Came from Kansas
148 It's A Super (Dupa) Life
149 New York Times
150 Silent Sunlight
151 Rubylove
152 I Don't Know
153 Tell 'Em I'm Gone
154 Randy
155 How Many Times
156 Don't Be Shy
157 Hummingbird
158 Cat's In The Cradle
159 Lilywhite
160 Doors
161 Lovely City (When Do You Laugh?)
162 Whistlestar
163 Sweet Scarlet
164 The Joke
165 Later
166 On The Road To Findout
167 I Love My Dog
168 1001 Dream
169 Maybe You're Right
170 Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
171 Moonstone
172 Ghost Town

Cat Stevens Bio

Yusuf Islam (born Steven Demetre Georgiou, 21 July 1948), best known by his former stage name Cat Stevens, is a British musician. He is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, educator, philanthropist, and prominent convert to Islam.

His albums Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat were both certified as Triple Platinum by the RIAA in the United States; his album Catch Bull at Four sold half a million copies in the first two weeks of release alone, and was Billboard's number-one LP for three consecutive weeks. He has also earned two ASCAP songwriting awards in consecutive years, for "The First Cut Is the Deepest", which has been a hit single for four different artists.

Stevens converted to Islam at the height of his fame in December, 1977, and adopted his Muslim name, Yusuf Islam, the following year. In 1979, he auctioned all his guitars away for charity and left his music career to devote himself to educational and philanthropic causes in the Muslim community. He has been given several awards for his work in promoting peace in the world, including 2003's World Award, the 2004 Man for Peace Award and the 2007 Mediterranean Prize for Peace. In 2006, he returned to pop music, with his first album of new pop songs in 28 years, entitled An Other Cup. He now goes by the single name Yusuf.

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