Case Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Case Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Even Though
2 Shoulda Known Better
3 Deja Vu
4 The Best Man I Can Be"(feat. Ginuwine, Tyrese, and R.L.
5 I Gotcha
6 Rain
7 Touch Me, Tease Me (lp Version)
8 No Regrets
9 Where Did Our Love Go
10 Touch Me, Tease Me (Ft. Foxy Brown)
11 Let Me Down Easy
12 Personal Conversation [interlude]
13 Scandalous
14 Me And You
15 Think of You
16 Can I Be
17 Touch Me Tease Me
18 Wishful Thinking
19 Be That Man
20 Crazy [interlude]
21 Happily Ever After
22 Don't Be Afraid
23 Conversate
24 If
25 Turns Me On
26 Foreplay
27 Think About Us
28 Driving
29 I Can't
30 I'm Ready
31 Juggle
32 More to Love
33 Old Fashion Lovin'
34 Damn Girl
35 Love Of My Life
36 Tell Me
37 Labels
38 Meet Me In the Middle
39 Rain [interlude]
40 Smile
41 Love 2 Love
42 Tour
43 The Day That I Die
44 Not Your Friend
45 Waiting
46 Jealousy
47 Blast Off
48 The Tunnel [interlude]
49 Sex Games
50 Touch Me, Tease Me"(feat. Foxy Brown
51 Here
52 Replay
53 Shine
54 Faded Pictures"(feat. Joe
55 Can't Believe
56 Just Leave
57 You Just Don’t Know
58 Place To Stay
59 My Love
60 I Won’t Cry Anymore
61 What's Wrong
62 Another Minute
63 Tease Me
64 I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
65 Feels So Long
66 Missing You
67 Can't Force Love
68 Sweet November
69 I'm Missing You
70 She's Gone
71 Call A Cab [interlude]
72 The Best Man I Can Be
73 Can't Force Love (Interlude)
74 Missing You (Single Version)
75 Labels (Remix)
76 Crazy
77 Touch Me, Tease Me (Radio Edition)
78 Caught You
79 Faded Pictures
80 Lovely
81 Personal Conversation (Intro)
82 Timeless
83 Already Have
84 Heavy Breathing
85 Cryin' Over Time
86 A Song for Skye
87 Having My Baby
88 Betcha Don't Know Y
89 Hero
90 Shook Up
91 He Don't Love You
92 Back Again
93 Difficult
94 Fallin'
95 Crooked Letter

Case Bio

Case Woodard, stage name Case, is an American R&B singer who was born in New York City.

Case was born October 4th in New York and grew up in various New York City projects with his parents and two younger sisters. While the family struggled financially, they often found solace in music. “We didn’t have much”, says Case “but there was always music in the household.”

Introduced to music by his father, (briefly a member of the group Cameo) Case believes music is in his blood. At the age of 5, he would perform constantly for family and friends in his living room. Often singing together with his father deepened Case’s already growing love of music and created a lifelong bond between them.

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