Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine Lyrics - by Popularity

1 A Perfect Day To Drop The Bomb
2 Lenny And Terence (Sexy Daytime Radio Mix)
3 Suicide Isn't Painless
4 An All American National Sport
5 Everytime A Churchbell Rings
6 A Bachelor For Baden Powell
7 The Only Living Boy In New Cross
8 A Prince In A Pauper's Grave
9 The Music That Nobody Likes
10 Born On 5th November
11 The Road To Domestos
12 Under The Thumb And Over The Moon
13 Surfin' Usm
14 Is Wrestling Fixed?
15 2 Million Years B C
16 Midnight On The Murder Mile
17 Sing Fat Lady Sing
18 The Life And Soul Of The Party Dies
19 Prince In A Paupers Grave
20 Do Re Me, So Far So Good
21 Shoppers' Paradise
22 The Final Comedown
23 Citizens Band Radio
24 Look Mum, No Hands !
25 The Man Who Bought The World
26 Suppose You Gave A Funeral And Nobody Came
27 God Saint Peter And The Guardian Angel
28 Crimestoppers A'go Go
29 While You Were Out
30 Lean On Me I Won't Fall Over
31 G I Blues
32 Good Grief Charlie Brown
33 Mid Day Crisis
34 Bloodsport For All
35 Falling On A Bruise
36 My Second To Last Will And Testament
37 Stuff The Jubilee!
38 Tomorrow When You Die
39 Cheap 'N' Cheesy
40 The Taking Of Peckham 123
41 Say It With Flowers
42 Twenty Four Minutes From Tulse Hill
43 Travis
44 England
45 Let's Get Tattoos
46 Closedown
47 Worry Bomb
48 Winning The War
49 The Young Offender's Mum
50 23:59 End Of The World
51 Skywest And Crooked
52 My Defeatist Attitude
53 The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time
54 Being Here
55 Johnny Cash
56 A World Without Dave
57 Cheer Up, It Might Never Happen
58 And God Created Brixton
59 Over The Moon And Under The Thumb
60 Broken Down In Broken Town
61 Evil
62 Girls Can Keep A Secret
63 Ceasefire
64 Nowhere Fast
65 Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
66 I Blame The Government
67 The Aftertaste Of Paradise
68 The Impossible Dream
69 Sunshine
70 Lenny And Terence
71 Sky West And Crooked
72 Billy's Smart Circus
73 The Undertaker And The Hippie Protest Singer
74 Second To Last Will And Testament
75 A Perfect Day To Drob The Bomb
76 Sweetheart Sugar Baby
77 Look Mum, No Hands!
78 Sheriff Fatman
79 Spoilsports Personality Of The Year
80 This Is How It Feels
81 The Only Loony Left In Town
82 Gas (Man)
83 Sealed With A Glasgow Kiss
84 Airplane Food
85 Midday Crisis
86 Rent
87 Cheer Up It May Never Happen
88 D.I.V.O.R.C.E.F.G.
89 Me And Mr. Jones

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine Bio

Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine (frequently shortened to Carter USM) were a British indie rock band formed in 1987 by singer Jim "Jim Bob" Morrison and guitarist Les "Fruitbat" Carter. They made their name with a distinctive style of power pop, fusing samples, sequenced basses and drum machines with rock 'n' roll guitars and off-beat wordplay-loaded lyrics. They reached the height of their fame in 1992. Over the following years the band took on new members, topping out as a six-piece, but struggled to regain their earlier popularity. They initially split up in 1998 after releasing seven albums.

Based in Lambeth in South London, England, Fruitbat and Jim Bob originally played in an indie band called Jamie Wednesday, which released two singles - "Vote For Love" and "We Three Kings of Orient Aren't". On discovering they had a gig booked but no-one else to play there, they quickly formed Carter USM, reputedly named for Fruitbat's diligence, aptitude, and stamina. They recorded the backing track of drums, synths and samples, and fused Fruitbat's guitar with Jim Bob's lyrics. The debut single "A Sheltered Life" was released later in 1988 on the Big Cat label, but it was not until the classic second single "Sheriff Fatman" in 1989 that the band began to receive recognition. The song was written about a South London slumlord and was followed by the album 101 Damnations - a critical account of life south of the River Thames, full of black humour, cynicism, wordplay and puns. The album went straight to the top of the indie charts.

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