Carpathian Forest Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Carpathian Forest Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Spill the Blood of the Lamb (Rohypnol Pre-Prod - 666)
2 It's Darker than You Think
3 Death Triumphant
4 Speechless
5 Skjend Hans Lik
6 Fever, Flames And Hell
7 Thanatology
8 The Eclipse / The Raven...
9 The Well of All Human Tears
10 He's Turning Blue
11 The Northern Hemisphere
12 Put to Sleep Like a Sick Animal!!!
13 House Of The Whipcord
14 The Suicide Song
15 Hymne til Døden
16 Hymne To Doden
17 Third Attempt
18 Ancient Spirits of the Underworld
19 I Am Possessed
20 When Thousand Moon Have Circled
21 Spill the Blood of the Lamb
22 In League With Satan
23 Morbid Fascination Of Death [LIVE] (feat. Carpathian Forest)
24 One with the Earth
25 In Silence I Observe
26 Sadomasochistic [LIVE] (feat. Carpathian Forest)
27 Christian Incoherent Drivel
28 Journey Through The Cold Moors Of Svarttjern
29 Mask Of The Slave [LIVE] (feat. Carpathian Forest)
30 The Old House on the Hill
31 Knokkelmann
32 Bloodcleansing [LIVE] (feat. Carpathian Forest)
33 Nekrophiliac / Anthropophagus Maniac
34 Lunar Nights
35 Return of the freezing winds [LIVE] (feat. Carpathian Forest)
36 Cold Murderous Music
37 Martyr / Sacrificulum
38 Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead [LIVE] (feat. Carpathian Forest)
39 The Frostbitten Woodlands Of Norway
40 A World Of Bones
41 Mask Of The Slave
42 He's Turning Blue [LIVE] (feat. Carpathian Forest)
43 The Pale Mist Hovers Towards The Nightly Shores
44 Black Shining Leather
45 Necrophiliac, Anthropophagus Maniac
46 Warlord of Misanthropy
47 Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell
48 Carpathian Forest
49 Nostalgia
50 Nostalgia (demo version)
51 Start Up the Incinerator
52 Cold Confort
53 Pierced Genitalia