Carly Simon Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Carly Simon Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Time After Time
2 Two Hot Girls On A Hot Summer Night
3 We Have No Secrets
4 You Don’t Feel The Same
5 Look Me In The Eyes
6 Half A Chance
7 It’s Not Like Him
8 I’m A Fool To Want You
9 Let The River Run (The New Jerusalem)
10 Dan, My Fling
11 You're So Vain
12 Coming Around Again
13 Itsy Bitsy Spider
14 Three Days
15 Love Of My Life (Drive To The City)
16 Mind On My Man
17 Hello Big Man
18 Two Hot Girls
19 A Pavane For The Nursery
20 The Show Must Go On
21 Coming Around Again/itsy Bitsy Spider
22 Misfit
23 My Romance
24 As Time Goes By
25 My Funny Valentine
26 Come Back Home
27 Be With Me
28 For Old Times Sake
29 Love of My Life
30 Danny Boy
31 Private
32 You Belong to Me
33 Mockingbird
34 Time Works On All The Wild Young Men
35 Fisherman's Song
36 That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
37 Last Night When We Were Young
38 All I Want Is You
39 Nobody Does It Better
40 Somewhere in the Night
41 Hurt
42 Back Down To Earth
43 His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin
44 I Get Along Without You Very Well
45 Legend In Your Own Time
46 Darkness 'til Dawn
47 The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
48 Spring Is Here
49 In A Small Moment
50 One Man Woman
51 Jesse
52 Happy Birthday
53 Love Out In The Street
54 Back The Way (Girls' Point Of View)
55 Forever My Love
56 Grownup
57 They Just Want You To Be There
58 More And More
59 Take Me As I Am
60 No Freedom
61 Coming To Get You
62 Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye
63 My One and Only Love
64 You're The One
65 Just Like You Do
66 It Keeps You Running
67 Touched By The Sun
68 You're the Love of My Life
69 (We Have) No Secret
70 What About A Holiday
71 Why
72 Coming Around Again / Itsy Bitsy Spider
73 Let the River Run
74 Body and Soul
75 Riverboat Gambler
76 Lili Marlene
77 From The Heart
78 All The Things You Are
79 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
80 Do The Walls Come Down
81 Julie through the Glass
82 Boys In The Trees
83 Two Sleepy People
84 Is This Love
85 De Bat (fly In Me Face)
86 The Carter Family
87 Back The Way (Dottie’s Point Of View)
88 Our First Day Together
89 Make Me Feel Something
90 Cow Town
91 Menemsha
92 Share The End
93 He Was Too Good To Me
94 Who Has Seen The Wind?
95 Didn’t I?
96 Haunting
97 Dishonest Modesty
98 Such A Good Boy
99 The Girl You Think You See
100 This Is My Life Suite: Pleasure And Pain/Coming Home/Uncle Peter
101 Bewitched
102 Like A River
103 I'll Just Remember You
104 In My Dreams
105 Are You Ticklish
106 James
107 The Man That Got Away
108 A Red, Red Rose
109 The Wives Are In Connecticut
110 Help Too
111 The More I See You
112 The Night Before Christmas
113 Fisherman’s Song
114 Fairweather Father
115 Wynken, Blynken & Nod
116 What Shall We Do with the Child?
117 God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
118 Lost In Your Love
119 Devoted to You/All I Have to Do Is Dream
120 When We're Together
121 Twelve Gates To The City
122 Tired Of Being Blonde
123 You Have To Hurt
124 Business Pleasure
125 Alone Together
126 Happy Xmas (War is Over)
127 Back The Way (Dottie's Point of View
128 You Know What To Do
129 Attitude Dancing
130 Jamaica Farewell
131 Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)
132 Carlotta's Heart
133 So Many People To Love
134 Stardust
135 Two Little Sisters
136 It Happens Every Day
137 Tonight And Forever
138 Don’t Smoke In Bed
139 Paradise
140 Moonglow
141 Have You Seen Me Lately?
142 He Likes To Roll
143 I'm a Fool to Want You
144 Haven't Got Time For The Pain
145 In Honor Of You (George)
146 The Reason
147 Christmas Is Almost Here
148 Two Looking At One
149 Better In The Morning
150 Moving Day
151 Holding Me Tonight
152 In Times When My Head
153 You Won't Forget Me
154 The Three Of Us In The Dark
155 Just Not True
156 You Can Close Your Eyes
157 Didn't I?
158 Comforting To Know
159 The Last Samba
160 Playing Possum
161 The Desert
162 We Your Dearest Friends
163 Songbird
164 Film Noir
165 Desire
166 Into White
167 Walking And Kissing
168 It Keeps You Runnin'
169 Body & Soul
170 Night Owl
171 Heaven
172 Alone
173 Horribly Hazardous Heffalumps
174 Sangre Dolce
175 Slave
176 Them
177 Whatever Became Of Her
178 Love You By Heart
179 Working Girl [Acoustic]
180 Blackbird
181 Little Troupers
182 Life Is Eternal
183 Libby
184 Hold What You've Got
185 I Haven't Got Time For The Pain
186 Another Door
187 I'm Really The Kind
188 Too Soon To Say Goodbye
189 Sons Of Summer
190 Three Of Us In The Dark
191 With A Few Good Friends
192 Memorial Day
193 If I Wasn't So Small (The Piglet Song)
194 Blue of Blue
195 Waiting At The Gate
196 One Love Stand
197 I'll Be Home
198 Older Sister
199 The Right Thing To Do
200 Can't Give It Up
201 In The Name Of The Hundred Acre Wood
202 Wynken, Blynken And Nod
203 Waterfall
204 Intro
205 Back The Way
206 Never Been Gone
207 Laura
208 Mother's Intuition
209 We Just Got Here
210 I've Got You Under My Skin
211 By Myself: I See Your Face Before Me
212 Safe And Sound
213 Someone Waits for You
214 All The Love In The World
215 Just A Sinner
216 In The Still Of The Night
217 Calico Pie
218 Anyone But Me
219 Working Girl
220 Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
221 Pure Sin
222 Nobody Does It Better [From "The Spy Who Loved Me"]
223 Damn, You Get To Me
224 Anticipation
225 Moonlight Serenade
226 When Your Lover Has Gone
227 Think I'm Gonna Have A Baby
228 Love Of My Life (Toots)
229 i believe in lov
230 Embrace Me You Child
231 One More Time
232 It's Hard To Be Tender
233 The Lamplighter
234 Black Honeymoon
235 No Pressure
236 Spy
237 You Are My Sunshine
238 Floundering
239 I've Got To Have You
240 Where Or When
241 Born To Break My Heart
242 Hotcakes
243 This Kind Of Love
244 Reunions
245 Looking Through Katherine's House
246 The Owl And The Pussycat
247 Can’t Give It Up
248 Get Things Done
249 Angel From Montgomery - Previously Unreleased
250 Vengeance
251 Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year
252 Over The Rainbow
253 I’ll Be Around
254 I Only Have Eyes For You
255 The More I Look Inside
256 Catch It Like A Fever
257 Fools Coda
258 Hold Out Your Heart
259 It Was So Easy
260 Rolling Down The Hills
261 Raining
262 Sleep Baby, Sleep
263 Give Me All Night
264 Taste It
265 I'll Be Home for Christmas
266 We're So Close
267 I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
268 Don't Smoke in Bed
269 Something Wonderful
270 Davy
271 Quiet Evening
272 People Say A Lot
273 The Best Thing
274 Scar
275 The Lamb
276 Interview
277 Hold What You’ve Got
278 Real Girl
279 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
280 You Won’t Forget Me
281 Forgive
282 I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good
283 It Happens Everyday
284 Take Me out to the Ballgame
285 Little Girl Blue
286 Halfway ‘round The World
287 Devoted to You
288 Manhã de Carnaval
289 Island
290 Waited So Long
291 The Love's Still Growing
292 Shoulder To Shoulder
293 The Lobster Quadrille
294 It Should Have Been Me
295 Heroine
296 Pretty Paper
297 Back The Way (girls?point Of View)
298 Better Not Tell Her
299 Amity
300 Not a Day Goes By
301 Devoted To You (Featuring James Taylor)
302 I’d Rather It Was You
303 I Gave My Love a Cherry
304 How Can You Ever Forget
305 When You Close Your Eyes
306 Come Upstairs
307 Sing Ho For The Life Of A Bear
308 My New Boyfriend
309 Interlude
310 O Come, All Ye Faithful
311 Easy on the Eyes
312 My Bonnie
313 Pretty Strange
314 Orpheus
315 Summer's Coming Around Again
316 Let The Riverrun
317 What Has She Got
318 Letters Never Sent
319 Scarborough Fair
320 Hola Soleil
321 After The Storm
322 In Pain
323 The Land Of Christmas (Mary)
324 I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
325 Spoiled Girl
326 The Game
327 Big Dumb Guy
328 Don’t Wrap It Up
329 Oh Susanna
330 The Garden

Carly Simon Bio

Carly Elisabeth Simon (born June 25, 1945) is an American singer-songwriter, actress and musician. Simon was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1994. Simon has a contralto vocal range.

Simon's father was Richard L. Simon (co-founder of Simon & Schuster, Inc.), a pianist who often played Chopin and Beethoven at home. Her mother was Andrea Louise Simon (née Heinemann), a biracial (black and white) Jewish civil rights activist and singer. Carly was raised in the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, New York City and has two older sisters, Joanna (b. 1940) and Lucy (b. 1943), and a younger brother, Peter Simon (b. 1947). She attended Riverdale Country School. She also briefly attended Sarah Lawrence College, before dropping out to pursue music.

Simon's career began with a short-lived attempt with her sister Lucy as The Simon Sisters. They had a minor hit in 1964 called "Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod" and made three albums together before Lucy left to get married and start a family. Later Simon collaborated with eclectic New York rockers Elephant's Memory for about six months. She also appeared in the 1971 Milos Forman movie Taking Off, playing an auditioning singer and sang "Long Term Physical Effects" which was included in Taking Off, the 1971 soundtrack for the movie.

Her solo music career began in 1971 with the self-titled Carly Simon for Elektra Records. The album contained her breakthrough top-ten hit "That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" — and was followed quickly by a second album, Anticipation, the title cut from which also received significant airplay.

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