Carly Rae Jepsen Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Carly Rae Jepsen Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Sunshine On My Shoulders
2 Sweet Talker
3 Heavy Lifting
4 Almost Said It
5 Oh did I say too much?
6 (Yeah)I really really really really really really like you
7 Never Get to Hold You
8 Bucket
9 I Didn't Just Come Here To Dance
10 Picture
11 Melt with You
12 I'm so in my head
13 And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too? (Yeah I need to tell you something)
14 Love Again
15 Tug Of War
16 Favourite Colour
17 This Kiss
18 Take a Picture
19 When we're outta touch (Outta touch)
20 Run Away with Me
21 I Really Like You (Liam Keegan Remix Radio Edit)
22 Money And The Ego
23 Tiny Little Bows
24 Take A Picture (Craig Welsh Pop Bootleg Mix)
25 It's like everything you say is a sweet revelation,
27 Run Away With Me
28 Tell Me
29 Good Time
30 Call Me Maybe
31 All I wanna do is get into your head.
32 I Really Like You
33 E-Mo-Tion
34 More Than A Memory
35 All That
36 Yeah we could stay alone, you and me and this temptation
37 Gimmie Love
38 I Really Like You
39 Turn Me Up
40 I really wanna stop but I just got the taste for it.
41 Sipping on your lips, hanging on by a thread, baby.
42 Boy Problems
43 Gimmie Love
44 Worldly Matters
45 Hurt So Good
46 I feel like I could fly with the boy on the moon.
47 It's way too soon, I know this isn't love (No),
48 Making the Most of the Night
49 All That
50 Beautiful
51 So honey hold my hand, you like making me wait for it.
52 When we're outta touch (When we're outta touch)
53 Your Type
54 Boy Problems
55 Hotel Shampoos
56 Tonight I'm Getting Over You
57 I feel like I could die walking up to the room, oh yeah.
58 Who gave you eyes like that, said you could keep them?
59 Let's Get Lost
60 Making The Most Of The Night
61 Sour Candy
62 Guitar String / Wedding Ring
63 Late night watching television,
64 I dunno how to act or if I should be leavin'
65 LA Hallucinations
66 Your Type
67 Money & The Ego
68 Your Heart Is A Muscle
69 Drive
70 But how'd we get in this position.
71 I'm running outta time, going outta my mind,
72 Warm Blood
73 Let's Get Lost
74 Curiosity (EP)
75 Wrong Feels So Right
76 It's way too soon, I know this isn't love,
77 I need to tell you something, yeah I need to tell you something
78 When I Needed You
79 LA Hallucinations
80 Talk To Me
81 Sweetie
82 But I need to tell you something.
83 Yeah
84 Black Heart
85 Warm Blood
86 Both Sides Now
87 I Know You Have A Girlfriend
88 I really really really really really really like you
89 Oh I did say too much? (Did I say too much?)
90 I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance
91 When I Needed You
92 Just A Step Away
93 Curiosity
94 And I want you, do you want me, do you want me too?
95 I'm so in my head (I'm so in my head)
96 Favourite Colour
97 Black Heart
98 Lost and Found

Carly Rae Jepsen Bio

Carly Rae Jepsen (born November 21, 1985) is a Canadian recording artist and singer-songwriter from Mission, British Columbia. In 2007, she placed third in the fifth season of Canadian Idol, and was a part of the Canadian Idol Top 3 concert tour. Shortly after competing on Idol, she signed to Fontana and MapleMusic, and released her debut album, Tug of War, on September 30, 2008. Three years later, she released a new single, titled "Call Me Maybe", which was released by 604 Records, and was followed by the release of her debut extended play, Curiosity, on February 14, 2012. "Call Me Maybe" was met with much success, reaching the No. 1 spot on both The Billboard and Canadian Hot 100. The single also went to number-one in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Jepsen signed with Interscope Records in 2012. Jepsen cites a mix of classic rock and alternative bands as her musical influence, such as James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Kimbra, La Roux, and Robyn.

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