Captain Jack Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Captain Jack Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Jack In Da House
2 Captain Jack
3 Little Boy (Boy On Boy Mix)
4 Drill Instructor (C-Jah Happy Mix)
5 Drill Instructor (Short Mix)
6 Soldier Soldier
7 Dream a Dream
8 Iko Iko
9 In The Navy '99
10 Give It Up (Strange Kingdom remix)
11 Soldier Soldier (Wedding Bells mix)
12 Robotman On Holiday
13 Dream a Dream (Asia radio edit)
14 Hiho
15 The Final Countdown (Uuh Baby Mix)
16 Jack In Da House - Jack Da House Mix
17 Give It Up (Black$$tar remix)
18 Dream a Dream (Space Frog Mix)
19 Hiho (radio mix)
20 Don't You Just Know It
21 Captain Jack (Dancefloor Syndroma Success Mix)
22 Give It Up (Nysted remix)
23 Dream a Dream (Spacefrog Mix)
24 HiHo (Ventura mix)
25 Soldier Soldier (Aqualite Remix)
26 Go West
27 Captain Jack (Dancefloor Syndroma Radio Mix)
28 Give It Up (Damon Paul remix)
29 Captain Jack (Club Mix)
30 Little Boy
31 Soldier Soldier (Cyborgs In Rio Mix)
32 My Generation
33 Captain Jack (Dancefloor Syndroma House Mix)
34 Give It Up (Alpha Nic remix)
35 Drill Instructor (All For 1 club mix)
36 Sir Yes Sir
37 The Mission (Intro)
38 Say Captain - Say Wot
39 Captain Jack (Captain Jack Is In Da House Mix)
40 Give It Up (Vincent Ventura remix)
41 Centerfold (Mark 'Oh remix)
42 Sir Yes Sir (Pt-Mix)
43 Yellow Submarine
44 Dream a Dream (Sy & Unknown remix)
45 Give It Up (DJ Ti-S remix)
46 Another One Bites the Dust (Club Mix)
47 Take On Me
48 Captain Jack (Short Mix)
49 Captain Jack (Remix)
50 Volare (Latin clubmix)
51 Give It Up (Keith Kamper remix)
52 Drill Instructor (All for 1 Clubmix)
53 Together And Forever
54 Soldier Soldier (Short Summer Mix)
55 Captain Jack (Acoustic Mix)
56 Volare (Shout and Reply clubmix)
57 Give It Up (H.@.P.P.Y Tunez Project remix)
58 Captain Jack (Clubmix)
59 Little Boy (Boy Oh Boy Mix)
60 Dream a Dream (Acoustic Mix)
61 Dream a Dream (Euro short mix)
62 Little Boy (Aqualite remix)
63 Get Up! (feat. The Gipsy Kings)
64 The Race
65 Take On Me (Longplay)
66 Viva la Vida (Spanish Guitar club mix)
67 Dream a Dream (radio mix)
68 Iko Iko (140 BPM trance mix)
69 Get Up! (the mix)
70 Captain's Dream (Instrumental Mix)
71 Miss Ibiza (Gina Wild club mix)
72 Dream a Dream (Euro Shortmix)
73 Captain Jack 2010 (Ace da Brain Remix)
74 Centerfold (radio/video edit)
75 Back Home (Captain's Return)
76 Escape (Pina Colada Song) (Radio Mix)
77 Give It Up (Ace da Brain radiomix)
78 Freak You (Radio Mix)
79 Get Up (The Mix)
80 Only You
81 She's A Lady (Sing Nanana Mix)
82 Viva la Vida (Spanish Guitar Clubmix)
83 Give It Up (Ace da Brain remix)
84 Soldier Soldier 2010 (Beatdisaster Remix)
85 Holiday (radio/video mix)
86 Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)
87 Captain Jack Remix (House Grooves From UK Mix)
88 Miss Ibiza (Gina Wild-Clubmix)
89 Give It Up (Marc Reason remix)
90 Give It Up (Phleck dirty remix)
91 Dream a Dream (Cheeky Trax UK Remix)
92 Centerfold (130 BPM Move It remix)
93 Dancing Pompokolin
94 Drill Instructor Remix (All 4 One Mix)
95 1 - 2 - 3 (Orwells Mix)
96 Give It Up (Hitfinders Klupp remix)
97 People Like To Party (Radio Mix)
98 Cosmic Evolution
99 Centerfold (130bpm Move It remix)
100 Jack In Da House (Old School Mix)
101 Take On Me (Longplay Mix)

Captain Jack Bio

Captain Jack was a musical duo, specializing in Eurodance music, originating from Germany.

Its members (since 2000) were Francisco Alejandro Gutierrez (stage name: Franky Gee), and Sunny. The original female vocalist on the group's debut in 1995 was Liza Da Costa, replaced in 1999 by Maria Lucia 'Maloy' Lozanes, who was replaced by Ilka-Anna-Antonia Traue (stage name: Illi Love) in 2001.

Captain Jack's music (and Franky Gee's persona) was stylized as a form of military training. Franky's costume consisted of a stylized military officer's uniform, with a red hat based on that of the US Marines.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Jack_(band)