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Genre: R&B

Cameo Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Word Up
2 Sparkle
3 Keep It Hot
4 Word Up! (7" Vocal Version)
5 Skin I'm In
6 Single Life
7 Attack Me with Your Love
8 Alligator Woman
9 Why Have I Lost You?
10 Back and Forth
11 We're Goin' out Tonight
12 I Just Want to Be
13 Funk Funk
14 Freaky Dancin'
15 Back and Forth (12" club remix)
16 Candy (7" Version)
17 She’s Strange
18 Word Up (12'' version)
19 Little Boys, Dangerous Toys
20 Shake Your Pants (Intro) (Live)
21 Word Up! (12" version)
22 Talkin' out the Side of Your Neck
23 She's Strange - Single Version
24 Why Have I Lost You (version 2)
25 Candy
26 Use It or Lose It
27 She's Strange - Remastered
28 I Just Want to Be (12-Inch version)
29 Gimme The Good Life
30 For You
31 I Just Want to Be - Remastered
32 Back and Forth (7" version)
33 Feel Me
34 She's Strange (12" Full-Length Lp Mix)
35 Back and Forth (dub mix)
36 I'll Always Stay
37 Flirt
38 Knights By Nights
39 Single Life (12" Mix)
40 I Care for You
41 I Just Want to Be (12'' version)
42 Rigor Mortis (Original 12" Mix)
43 The Man
44 Sparkle (Edit)
45 She's Strange (Original 12" Mix)
46 Fast, Fierce & Funny
47 Candy (Original 12" Uk Mix)
48 She's Strange (12″ version)
49 Back And Forth (Single Version)
50 Attack Me With You Love (Original 12" Club Mix)
51 Can't Help Falling in Love
52 Don't Be so Cool
53 Find My Way
54 She's Strange (Bonus Track)
55 Style (single version)
56 I Want It Now
57 Back and Forth (Live)
58 Skin I'm In (single version)
59 Don't Be Lonely
60 Rigor Mortis (Edit Version)
61 I Want It Now (single version)
62 Insane
63 Love You Anyway
64 She's Strange
65 Back & Forth

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Cameo Bio

Cameo is a funk-influenced R&B group that was formed in the early 1970s. Cameo was initially a 13-member group known as the New York City Players; this name was later changed to Cameo to avoid a lawsuit from The Ohio Players, a more successful group of that era. Since then, Cameo has recorded several hits records. As of 2009, some of the original members continue to perform together, while two others were hired by the hip hop group Outkast.

In 1974, Cameo started out with 23 members created by former Juilliard student and New York-area clubgoer Larry Blackmon (late of Black Ivory), called the New York City Players. Signed by Casablanca Records to their Chocolate City imprint in 1976, the group soon changed its name to Cameo after concerns that "New York City Players" might cause confusion between them and the funk band Ohio Players. Prior to this, Blackmon, keyboardist Gregory Johnson, and the late Gwen Guthrie formed the band East Coast, together with James Wheeler (alto saxophone), Melvin Whay (bass), Michael Harris (percussion), and Pat Grant (trombone). They released one self-titled album in 1973 on the independent label Encounter.

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