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1 Call The Doctor (J J Cale)
2 After Midnight (J J Cale)
3 River Boat Song (J J Cale)
4 Lonesome Train (J J Cale)
5 Katy Kool Lady (Christine Lakeland And J J Cale)
6 River Runs Deep (J J Cale)
7 If You Leave Her (J J Cale)
8 Who's Talking (T Drummond, Tarczon, J J Cale)
9 Shady Grove (J J Cale)
10 Rock And Roll Records (J J Cale)
11 Hey Baby (J J Cale)
12 Hold On Baby (J J Cale)
13 I'd Like To Love You Baby (J J Cale)
14 Teardrops In My Tequila (Paul Craft)
15 Hold On (J J Cale)
16 Change Your Mind (J J Cale)
17 Any Way The Wind Blows (J J Cale)
18 Mama Don't (Arr By J J Cale)
19 Devil In Disguise (J J Cale)
20 Cajun Moon
21 Let's Go To Tahiti (Bill Boatman And Roger Tilliso
22 Tijuana (J J Cale)
23 Does Your Mama Like To Reggae? (J J Cale And Chris
24 Lou-Easy-Ann (J J Cale)
25 I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me (Rusty Gabbard A
26 Takin' Care Of Business (J J Cale)
27 Crying Eyes (J J Cale)
28 You Got Me On So Bad (J J Cale)
29 Jailer (J J Cale)
30 Mojo (M Morganfield)
31 The Old Man And Me (J J Cale)
32 You Keep Me Hanging On
33 The Woman That Got Away (J J Cale)
34 Going Down (Don Nix)
35 Money Talks (J J Cale And Christine Lakeland)
36 They Call Me The Breeze (J J Cale)
37 Let Me Do It To You (J J Cale)
38 Thirteen Days (J J Cale)
39 Disadvantage (J Karstein, T Drummond, S Oldham, C
40 Nobody But You (J J Cale)
41 Runaround (J J Cale)
42 Lies (J J Cale)
43 Sensitive Kind (J J Cale)
44 Carry On (J J Cale)
45 Livin' Here Too (J J Cale)
46 One Step Ahead Of The Blues (Roger Tillison)
47 Humdinger (J J Cale)
48 Pack My Jack (J J Cale)
49 Shanghaid (J J Cale And A Ashworth)
50 Travelin' Light
51 Losers (J J Cale And Christine Lakeland)
52 Louisiana Women
53 Starbound (J J Cale)
54 Dr Jive (J J Cale)
55 Clyde (J J Cale And C W Beavers)
56 Low Rider (J J Cale)
57 Reality (J J Cale)
58 I'll Kiss The World Goodbye (J J Cale)
59 Magnolia (J J Cale)
60 Ride Me High (J J Cale)
61 Crazy Mama (J J Cale)
62 Woman I Love (J J Cale)
63 Everything Will Be Alright (J J Cale)
64 I'll Make Love To You Anytime (J J Cale)
65 I'm A Gypsy Man (Sonny Curtis)
66 Ridin' Home (J J Cale)
67 Artificial Paradise (J J Cale)
68 Fate Of A Fool (J J Cale)
69 Mississippi River (J J Cale)
70 Right Down Here (J J Cale)
71 A Thing Goin' On (J J Cale)
72 That Kind Of Thing (J J Cale)
73 Crying (J J Cale)
74 You Got Something (J J Cale)
75 Feeling In Love (J J Cale)
76 Boilin' Pot (J J Cale)
77 Deep Dark Dungeon (J J Cale)
78 Friday (J J Cale)
79 Lady Luck (J J Cale)
80 Mona (J J Cale)
81 Bringing It Back (J J Cale)
82 Lean On Me (J J Cale)
83 Digital Blues (J J Cale)
84 Hard Times
85 New Orleans (J J Cale)
86 Roll On Mama (J J Cale)
87 Can't Live Here (J J Cale)
88 Nowhere To Run (J J Cale)
89 Too Much For Me (J J Cale)
90 Don't Cry Sister (J J Cale)
91 Changes (J J Cale)
92 Traces (J J Cale)
93 Don't Go To Strangers (J J Cale)
94 Don't Wait (J J Cale)
95 Passion (J J Cale)
96 She's In Love (J J Cale)
97 Cherry (J J Cale)
98 Trouble In The City (J J Cale)
99 Downtown L A (J J Cale)
100 People Lie (J J Cale)
101 Soulin' (J J Cale)
102 City Girls (J J Cale)
103 Unemployment (J J Cale)
104 Drifters Wife (J J Cale)
105 If You're Ever In Oklahoma (J J Cale)
106 Playing In The Street (J J Cale)
107 Cloudy Day (J J Cale)
108 What Do You Expect? (J J Cale)
109 I Got The Same Old Blues (J J Cale)
110 Love Has Been Gone (J J Cale)
111 Precious Memories (J J Cale)
112 Super Blue (J J Cale)
113 End Of The Line (J J Cale)
114 Take Out Some Insurance (J J Cale)
115 Cocaine (J J Cale)
116 Wish I Had Not Said That (J J Cale)
117 Everlovin' Woman (J J Cale)

Cale Jj Bio

JJ Cale (also J.J. Cale), born John Weldon Cale on December 5, 1938, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a Grammy Award-winning American singer-songwriter and musician. Cale is one of the originators of the Tulsa Sound, a loose genre drawing on blues, rockabilly, country, and jazz influences. Cale's personal style has often been described as "laid back".

His only U.S. hit single, Crazy Mama, peaked at #22 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1972. During the 2006 documentary film To Tulsa and Back Cale recounts the story of being offered the opportunity to appear on Dick Clark's American Bandstand to promote the song, which would have moved the song higher on the charts. Cale declined when told he could not bring his band to the taping and would be required to lip-sync the words to the song.

His songs have been performed by a number of other musicians including "After Midnight" and "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton, "Magnolia" by Jai, "Bringing It Back" by Kansas, "Call Me the Breeze" and "I Got the Same Old Blues" by Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Travelin' Light" and "Ride Me High" by Widespread Panic, "Tijuana" by Harry Manx, and "Sensitive Kind" by Carlos Santana.

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