Bvdub Lyrics

Bvdub Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Winter 1974
2 My Hinami
3 Don’t Cry Mamii (To the Sky)
4 The Bigger They Love, The Harder They Fall
5 Dreaming Of Your Downfall
6 Wish I Was Here
7 It Was For You, It Was For Us
8 Broken, Whole
9 Another Morning, Another Day
10 Every Day It’s The Same
11 Xiayu
12 If I Had Been A Better Man
13 Embrace, Release
14 Broken Bridges
15 Mingtian
16 Vincent Kwok – Express Your Soul (Bvdub’s Memories Of Acid)
17 Through The Lower Room, We Rise Higher
18 Feel, Unfeel
19 Alone Again
20 Nothing You Can Say
21 Vincent Kwok – What About You (Bvdub’s Long Way Home)
22 A Careful Ecstasy
23 Appear, Disappear
24 Alone At Last
25 One Day Someday
26 Warm Tears in Three Colors
27 Never Meant You Any Harm
28 Everything Between You and Me
29 After Your Beauty Fades
30 One Day You’ll See
31 Safety in Numbers
32 (N)ever Existed
33 Silver Altars Run to Rivers
34 Only The Willow Remains
35 Panopticon
36 Put Your Lies To Rest
37 A Human Letter From the Air
38 Wasted Away in Your Waves (This Is Love)
39 Ghosts of What We Once Were
40 See You Next Time
41 Return To Tonglu
42 No Glory for the Risen
43 A Place to Call
44 I Break All Around You
45 Somewhere On Our Own
46 Same Boat, Different Sea
47 Crushed Under the Wait
48 Waiting for a Friend
49 You Tell Me to Be Strong
50 The Lie Of Love
51 The Banks Of The Lethe
52 Closeness Makes the Heart Grow Colder
53 A History of Distance
54 As We Remember a Life of Love
55 There To Watch You Fall
56 The Road Home
57 What Happened to Us
58 I’m Coming Home (From the Sky)
59 I Pray to a Godless Sky
60 A Moment’s Peace
61 Vermillion
62 Save and Sound
63 Reach for Me (Awake for the First Time)
64 And I Want to Be as Strong as You
65 A Quiet Vengeance
66 Way Back When
67 Strong Again (Teach Me to Feel)
68 But I Am Broken
69 A Silent Reign
70 Where They Can Never Hurt Us
71 We Love Together (It’s Our World)
72 No Rest For The Weary
73 Always On The Outside
74 Where To Now [For Milo]
75 Another Love
76 Two Hours to Forever (Just Ask Me, I’ll Stay)
77 My Cold Summer Heart
78 Different Place Different Time