Building 429 Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Building 429 Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Bring Me Back
2 Glory Defined
3 Not Gonna Let You Down
4 End Of Me
5 Always
6 One Time Too Many
7 Coming Home
8 No One Else Knows
9 I Believe
10 Singing Over Me
11 Because You're Mine
12 The Space in Between Us (Unplugged - EP Version)
13 Power Of Your Name
14 You Carried Me
15 New Season
16 Your Love Goes On
17 Waiting To Shine
18 Oxygen (Bringing Me To Life)
19 Fearless
20 Majesty
21 Rise
22 Angeline
23 Show Me Love
24 Awaken Us
25 We Won't Be Shaken (TheSoundKids Remix)
26 You Carried Me (High Key With Background Vocals)
27 My Jesus, I Love Thee (Your Holy Name)
28 You Carried Me (Album Version Edit)
29 Never Look Away
30 We Won't Be Shaken (High Without Background Vocals) (Performance Track)
31 Wrecking Ball (Press On)
32 You Carried Me (Lite Mix Edit)
33 Made for You
34 Glory Defined (Alternate Mix)
35 Grace That Is Greater (Album Version)
36 Spirit Lives On
37 We Won't Be Shaken (Medium Without Background Vocals) (Performance Track)
38 Impossible
39 Fearless (Top Ten Edit)
40 Listen to the Sound
41 We Won't Be Shaken (With Background Vocals) (Performance Track)
42 Glory Defined (alternate version)
43 Glory Defined (Alt Version)
44 We Won't Be Shaken (Low Without Background Vocals) (Performance Track)
45 All You Ask of Me (Unplugged EP Version)
46 You Carried Me (Top Ten Edit)
47 Erase
48 War Zone
49 White Flag
50 Press On
51 Glory Defined (Top Ten Edit)
52 Singing Over Me (Top Ten Edit)
53 Overcome
54 You Carried Me - Edit
55 Shadow of Angels
56 Saving Christmas
57 Listen to the Sound (Live)
58 Blameless
59 Made for You (Live)
60 All I'm Holding
61 You Carried Me (radio mix)
62 Amazed
63 Where I Belong (Live)
64 All the Glory
65 One Foot (Live)
66 Shoulder
67 We Won’t Be Shaken
68 You Are Loved
69 Eyes Up
70 Get Up
71 Glory Defined (EP Version)
72 We Won't Be Shaken
73 Incredible
74 Home
75 Ocean Deep
76 Bonfire
77 Medley: I Believe / Jesus Is the Answer
78 All I’m Holding
79 Alive
80 Go
81 Set a Fire
82 Glory Defined (alternative version)
83 Show Me Love (LP Version)
84 Constant
85 Fighting To Survive
86 Earth Shaker
87 Revolution
88 Where I Belong
89 Above It All (LP Version)
90 Above It All
91 The Space Between Us
92 Hold Them Close
93 Best and Worst
94 One Foot
95 No One Else Knows (Radio Mix)
96 Back to Me
97 Now That It's Over
98 Be with Us Now (Emmanuel)
99 I Believe / Jesus Is the Answer
100 Free
101 Right Beside You
102 The Space In Between Us (LP Version)
103 The Space In Between Us (Unplugged)
104 Empty
105 Hearts Collide
106 Show Me Love (Top Ten Edit)
107 The Space In Between Us
108 Walls Are Coming Down
109 Shadow Of Angels (LP Version)
110 All You Ask Of Me (Unplugged)
111 I Belong To You
112 Stronger
113 No One Else Knows (Top Ten Edit)
114 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
115 Taken
116 Fearless (LP Version)
117 You Save Me
118 Unashamed
119 You Carried Me (Original Key With Background Vocals)
120 What Child Is This
121 Grace That Is Greater
122 I Believe (Best Of Edit)
123 Love Has Been Spoken

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Building 429 Bio

Building 429 is a Christian rock band signed to INO Records. They were the Gospel Music Association 2005 New Artist of the Year. Their name is derived from Ephesians 4:29 – NIV "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." The band members originated from Snyder Memorial Baptist Church and various areas in North Carolina as well as Texas.

In late 1999, bassist Scotty Beshears and guitarist/vocalist Jason Roy met in North Carolina at the final performance of Roy's band All Too Familiar. Beshears had formerly been involved with Elijah's Ride, another independent band. They teamed up with drummer Christian Führer to form a new band which blended modern pop-rock music with Christian-themed lyrics. The trio began to perform under the name "Building 429."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Building_429