Buddy Guy Lyrics

Genre: Blues

Buddy Guy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Little Dab-A-Doo
2 I Need Your Love So Bad
3 Baby Please Don't Leave Me
4 There Is Something On Your Mind
5 Just Playing My Axe
6 Damn Right, I've Got the Blues
7 Where Is the Next One Coming From
8 Hammer And A Nail
9 Hoodoo Man Blues
10 She Suits Me To A T
11 Let Me Love You Baby
12 I Got My Eyes On You
13 Ain't No Sunshine
14 Are You Lonely For Me Baby?
15 Everytime I Sing The Blues
16 21 Days In Jail
17 What Kind Of Woman Is This?
18 Sit Down Baby
19 She's a Superstar
20 Mr Charlie
21 One Room Country Shack
22 Lyin Like A Dog
23 Black Cat Blues
24 Do The Camel Walk
25 Too Many Ways
26 My Love Will Never Die
27 Skin Deep
28 Everyday I Have The Blues
29 Whiskey Ghost
30 This Is The End
31 She's A Good 'Un
32 I’ve Got Dreams To Remember (Feat. John Mayer)
33 Lucy Mae Blues
34 Things I Used To Do
35 Watch Yourself
36 I Got A Problem
37 Crazy World
38 Someone Else Is Steppin' In (Slippin' Out, Slippin' In)
39 Change In The Weather
40 The Way You Been Treatin' Me
41 Mary Ann
42 Rhythm Inner Groove
43 You Sure Can't Do
44 Lay Lady Lay (Feat. Anthony Hamilton & Robert Randolph)
45 Dedication To The Late T-Bone Walker
46 When I Left Home
47 Sit and Cry
48 Some Kind Of Wonderful
49 Saturday Night Fish Fry
50 Smarter Than I Was
51 My Time After Awhile (Live)
52 Too Broke to Spend the Night
53 All Your Love
54 Sufferin' Mind
55 Blue Light Boogie
56 Meet Me In Chicago
57 Skanky
58 OTIS RUSH I Can't Quit You Baby
59 Cheaper To Keep Her Blues In The Night
60 Blues At My Baby's House
61 Give Me My Coat And Shoes
62 That's It
63 Mustang Sally
64 When You See The Tears From My Eyes
65 Thick Like Mississippi Mud
66 My Love Is Real
67 You Don't Love Me
68 I Just Want To Make Love To You
69 Love Me This Way
70 Magic Rocker
71 Too Damn Bad
72 Slop Around
73 Cut You Loose
74 Do Your Thing
75 I Found a True Love
76 My Time After Awhile
77 On A Saturday Night
78 Flesh & Bone (with Van Morrison) (Dedicated to B.B. King)
79 Black Night
80 Early In The Morning
81 Done Got Over You
82 Man Of Many Words
83 My Love Is Your Love
84 Evil Twin
85 Broken Hearted Blues
86 Violent Love
87 The Price You Gotta Pay (Feat. Keith Richards)
88 Rollin' And Tumblin'
89 Checkin' On My Baby
90 Way You Been Treating Me
91 Had A Bad Night
92 Come Back Muddy
93 No Lie
94 Best Damn Fool
95 The Garbage Man Blues
96 I Need You Tonight
97 I Could Die Happy
98 Buddy's Blues
99 Knock On Wood
100 Too Many Tears (Feat. Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi)
101 74 Years Young
102 Treasure Untold
103 I Cry and Sing the Blues
104 Flash & Bone
105 Let Me Love You Baby (Live)
106 I Put A Spell On You
107 Too Many Tears
108 Mellow Down
109 Please Don't Drive Me Away
110 Square Dance Rock Pt 1
111 Never Gonna Change
112 Stormy Monday
113 Sit And Cry (The Blues)
114 Every Time I Sing The Blues (Feat. Eric Clapton)
115 Thank Me Someday
116 Outskirts Of Town
117 D.J. Play My Blues
118 I Just Wanna Make Love to You/You Can't Fool a Fool
119 Let Me Show You
120 Now You’re Gone
121 The Things I Used To Do
122 Feels Like Rain
123 Square Dance Rock Pt 2
124 All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues
125 Where The Blues Begins
126 First Time I Met the Blues
127 Out In The Woods (Feat. Robert Randolph)
128 On The Road
129 Miss Ida B
130 Born To Play Guitar
131 Forty Days & Forty Nights
132 Mary Had A Little Lamb
133 I'll Play The Blues For You
134 Ain't That Lovin' You (Live)
135 Show Me The Money
136 Justifyin'
137 She Suits Me To A Tee
138 Every Night About This Time
139 My Mama Loved Me
140 Satisfaction
141 Ten Years Ago
142 That’s My Home (Feat. Robert Randolph)
143 Stay Around A Little Longer
144 Pretty Baby
145 Wear You Out (feat. Billy Gibbons)
146 Sweet Little Angel
147 Everything's Gonna Be Alright/Rock Me, Baby/Watch Yourself
148 Leave My Girl Alone
149 Sally Mae
150 Every Time I Sing The Blues
151 Best In Town
152 Going To School
153 Blues Don't Care
154 Messin' With The Kid
155 Stone Crazy
156 Skin Deep (Feat. Derek Trucks)
157 Key Don't Fit
158 Trouble Blues
159 Back Up Mama
160 Crazy Love
161 Did Somebody Make a Fool Out of You
162 Voodoo Chile
163 Keep It to Myself (aka Keep It to Yourself)
164 Out In The Woods
165 I Go By Feel
166 Messin With The Kid (featuring Kid Rock)
167 Hold That Plane
168 I Came Up Hard
169 No Use Cryin'
170 When My Left Eye Jumps
171 Who’s Gonna Fill Those Shoes
172 Living Proof
173 Woman Blues
174 Too Late (feat. Kim Wilson)
175 I Can't Quit The Blues
176 Cold Shot
177 Talkin' 'Bout Women Obviously
178 Good News
179 What's Up With That Woman
180 Are You Losing Your Mind?
181 Groaning The Blues
182 Poison Ivy
183 Just To Be With You
184 Baby Don't You Wanna Come Home
185 Too Soon
186 She's Nineteen Years Old
187 Whiskey, Beer & Wine
188 Have You Ever Been Lonesome
189 Jam On A Monday Morning
190 Strange Brew/Mustang Sally
191 Ain't No Need
192 7-11
193 That's My Home
194 One Day Away
195 I Smell A Rat
196 If You Were Mine
197 Ninety Nine And One Half
198 Junior's Shuffle
199 A Man And The Blues
200 Try to Quit You Baby
201 Everybody's Got To Go
202 I Smell Trouble
203 Kiss Me Quick (feat. Kim Wilson)
204 Worry, Worry
205 Knock on Wood/Johnny B Goode
206 Hoochie Coochie Man
207 Innocent Man / Mannish Boy / Backdoor Man
208 Well I Done Got Over It
209 She's Out There Somewhere
210 Love That Women
211 Somebody’s Sleeping In My Bed
212 Out Of Sight
213 Hully Gully
214 Let The Door Knob Hit Ya
215 Innocent Man
216 Crying Out Of One Eye
217 Don't Tell Me About the Blues
218 DJ (Outro)
219 Riffin'
220 I Go Crazy
221 Who's Gonna Fill Those Shoes
222 What You Gonna Do About Me
223 You've Been Gone Too Long
224 Jump Sister Bessie
225 I Put A Spell On You (Feat. Carlos Santana)
226 I Hope You Come Back Home
227 Five Long Years
228 I Got a Strange Feeling
229 Guess What
230 I've Got Dreams To Remember
231 (Baby) You Got What It Takes (feat. Joss Stone)
232 Hello San Francisco
233 Rock Me Mama
234 Country Man
235 Smell The Funk
236 The Devil's Daughter
237 Try To Quit
238 Three Times A Fool
239 Ain’t No Sunshine (Feat. Tracy Chapman)
240 The Way You Been Treating Me
241 The Man Of Many Words
242 Skippin'
243 Hard Time Killing Floor
244 I Didn't Know My Mother Had A Son Like Me (She Suits Me To A Tee Alternate)
245 Turn Me Wild
246 Love Her With A Feeling
247 I Got My Eyes On You (Live)
248 My Time After A While (Alternate)
249 Trouble Man
250 I Found Happiness