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Genre: Pop

Brandy Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Piano Man
2 I Tried
3 U Don't Know Me (like U Used To) Darkchild Remix
4 Nothing
5 Give Me You
6 Truthfully
7 The Definition
8 Intro
9 Ten Minutes Ago
10 Angel Of Mine
11 Sunny Days
12 Love Is All That Matters
13 Shattered Heart
14 True
15 Another Day In Paradise"(feat. Ray J
16 1st & Love
17 Talk About Our Love
18 Brandy-(Full Moon-Album)
19 Open
20 Right Here
21 Came A Little Closer
22 Come As You Are
23 Torn Down
24 Love Is On My Side
25 Fall
26 U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To)
27 In My Own Little Corner
28 Camouflage
29 Looking Glass
30 As Long As You're Here
31 The Boy Is Mine
32 Where Are You Now?
33 Brokenhearted
34 The Boy Is Mine (feat. Monica)
35 Top Of The World (Remix)"(feat. Fat Joe, Big Pun & R. Perkins
36 Top of the World
37 Human
38 Top Of The World (Remix)
39 Sittin' On Top Of The World
40 Locked In Love
41 The Boy Is Mine (Remix Featuring Shaunta)
42 Angel In Disguise
43 List
44 Another Day In Paradise
45 Talk About Our Love Featuring Kanye West(Album Version)
46 Love Wouldn't Count On Me
47 Anybody
48 Sitting Up In My Room Remix
49 Sadiddy
50 The Sweetest Sounds
51 Should I Go
52 Lifeguard
53 When U Touch Me
54 B Rocka Intro
55 Baby (Single Version)
56 I Don't Care
57 I Don't Really Care
58 WOW
59 Full Moon (C&J remix)
60 Brokenhearted (featuring Wanya Morris)
61 Right Here (Departed) (Moto Blanco club mix)
62 I'll Do Anything For You
63 Long Distance (Tom Neville Close Up Dub Remix)
64 Paint This House
65 Turn It Up (Main SED Version)
66 I Dedicate [Part III]
67 Sittin' Up in My Room (radio edit)
68 (Everything I Do ) I Do It For You
69 I Wanna Fall in Love
70 Almost Doesn't Count Dj Premier Mix
71 Full Moon (Filur Vs. C&J mix)
72 Decisions
73 The Boy is Mine f/ Monica
74 Right Here (Departed) [Mad Decent Right Mad Mix] {Bonus Track}
75 Like It Was Yesterday
76 Full Moon (remix)"(feat. Fat Joe
77 Talk About Our Love (E-Smoove Classic Edit)
78 Can You Hear Me Now
79 Who Is She to U (Recall Version)
80 I Thought
81 2nd Thought
82 Almost Doesn't Count (Pull club radio edit)
83 Never Say Never
84 Missing You
85 Today
86 I'm Right Here
87 Long Distance (A Capella Version) [Bonus Track]
88 Maximum Risk (Risk It All)
89 What About Us (radio version)
90 Music
91 Who Is She To You
92 I Dedicate, Pt. 3
93 I Dedicate, Pt. 1
94 Necessary
95 I Dedicate (Part I)
96 I Wanna Be Down (Human Rhythm Hip Hop remix)
97 What About Us? - Radio Mix
98 Sitting Up In My Room
99 Drum Life
100 Can't Cope
101 Tomorrow
102 Right Here (Departed) [Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Mix] {Bonus Track}
103 Ryde Or Die
104 Perfect Love
105 Full Moon (Cutfather & Joe remix edit)
106 What You Need
107 I Dedicate, Pt. 2
108 When You Touch Me
109 Back And Forth
110 I Dedicate (Part II)
111 Talk About Our Love (feat. Kanye West)
112 Warm It Up (With Love)
113 Say You Will
114 Sittin' Up In My Room (ost Version)
115 What About Us? (Live in London)
116 How High
117 Right Here (Departed) (Piano Intro Version)
118 Sirens
119 I Wanna Be Down (Single Version)
120 Wildest Dreams
121 I Wanna Be Down (Hip-Hop mix)
122 Like This
123 I'm Yours
124 Almost Doesn't Count (radio edit)
125 Best Friend
126 I Wanna Be Down (Remix Featuring Queen Latifah, Yoyo & McLyte)
127 Top Of The World Darkchild Remix
128 Full Moon (Live in London)
129 In My Head
130 Top Of The World f/ Mase
131 Right Here (Departed) [Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Mix]
132 What Have You Done For Me
133 Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful
134 Another Day In Paradise (with Ray J)
135 Long Distance
136 Best Friend (KC mix)
137 All In Me
138 Dance With Us
139 Best Friends
140 Angel In Disquise
141 Sittin' Up In My Room - Brandy
142 Top of the World (Live in London)
143 It All Belongs to Me
144 Top Of The World (feat. Ma$e)
145 Right Here (Departed) [Moto Blanco Radio Edit]
146 Beggin & Pleadin
147 I Can't Wait
148 Have You Ever? Almost Doesn't Count
149 I Wanna Be Down
150 I Wanna Be Down (Remix)
151 Finally
152 Escape
153 Movin' On
154 The Boy Is Mine - Duet With Monica [Radio Edit With Intro]
155 Let Me Go (Live in London)
156 Make Believe
157 Right Here (Departed) [Seamus & Emanuel Radio Edit]
158 Sittin' Up In My Room
159 Impossible
160 I Wanna Be Down (LP edit)
161 Have You Ever
162 Almost Doesn't Count (Pull mix)
163 How I Feel
164 Feel So Good
165 Sunny Day
166 Almost Doesn't Count
167 U Don't Know Me (like U Used To) Darkchild Remix Radio Edit
168 Wildest Dreams (Live in London)
169 Silent Night
170 Right Here (Departed) [Moto Blanco Dub Mix]
171 Baby
172 No Such Thing As Too Late
173 Afrodisiac
174 Almost Doesn’t Count (Pull mix)
175 He Is
176 Honey
177 Have You Ever - Radio Edit
178 Brandy (Have You Ever?)
179 Angel in Disguise (Live in London)
180 Interlude 1
181 I Know Now
182 Right Here (Departed) [Seamus & Emanuel Dub Mix]
183 So Sick
184 Let Me Go
185 What About Us?
186 The Boy Is Mine (with Monica) [Radio Edit With Intro]
187 Come A Little Closer
188 Full Moon
189 Happy
190 Sittin' Up in My Room (Live in London)
191 Interlude 2
192 Long Distance (Jody den Broeder Club Remix)
193 Slower
194 Put It Down
195 Right Here (Departed)
196 Who Is She to U (Josh Harris Old School Club Edit)
197 Love Wouldn't Count Me Out
198 Lowrider
199 Who is She 2 U
200 Nodding Off
201 In The Car Interlude
202 I Wanna Be Down (Live in London)
203 Die Without You
204 Sittin' Up In My Room (Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack)
205 Sweet Nothings Ft. Ric Atari
206 Without You
207 Fullmoon
208 Human Intro
209 Acapella
210 I Wanna Be Down (LP version)
211 Full Moon (Damien Mendis Remix)
212 Apart
213 I Wanna Be Down - Remix feat. Queen Latifah, Yoyo & McLyte
214 What Is She To You
215 He Is (Live in London)
216 Dig This
217 A Lovely Night
218 Long Distance (Tom Neville Close Up Vocal Remix)
219 Hardly Breathing
220 Locket (Locked In Love)
221 Long Distance Interlude
222 Full Moon (Cutfather & Joe Remix - Main)
223 I Wanna Be Down (Cool Out)
224 Full Moon - Precison Remix feat. Fat Joe Explicit Version
225 Can We
226 Freedom
227 Have U Ever
228 Learn the Hard Way
229 When You Touch Me (Live in London)
230 It Doesn't Matter
231 Long Distance (Jody den Broeder Radio Edit)
232 Do You Know What You Have
233 Long Distance (A Capella Version)
234 A Capella (Something's Missing)
235 After The Flood
236 Beautiful
237 I Wanna Be Down (a cappella)
238 Full Moon - Full Intention Club Mix Remasterd 5/30
239 Turn It Up
240 It's Not Worth It
241 Full Moon (C & J remix)
242 I Do It for You
243 One Voice
244 Put It Down (Live in London) / Shoutouts & Closing Remarks
245 Fall Back
246 U Don't Know Me (Like U Used To) Remix
247 Long Distance (Tom Neville Close Up Vocal Radio Edit)
248 Scared Of Beautiful
249 U Don't Know Me Like You Used To Remix
250 Right Here (Departed) [Mad Decent Right Mad Mix]
251 Where You Wanna Be
252 Casualties
253 Always on My Mind
254 Who Is She to U
255 Full Moon - Ernie Lake Club Mix Remastered 5/30
256 Who I Am
257 Full Moon (Filur vs. C & J mix)
258 Warm It Up
259 Put That On Everything
260 The Boy is Mine (Encore) (Live in London)
261 Here Standing
262 Top Of The World"(feat. Mase
263 Long Distance (Jody den Broeder House Dub Remix)
264 Wish Your Love Away
265 Gonna Find My Love
266 Focus

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Brandy Rayana Norwood (born February 11, 1979), known professionally as Brandy, is an American R&B and pop singer-songwriter, record producer, fashion model, actress, and film producer. Born in McComb, Mississippi and discovered by Chris Stokes when she was a member of a youth singing group, Norwood released her self-titled debut album in 1994 at the age of fifteen.

Following a major success with Grammy Award-winning "The Boy Is Mine," a duet with singer Monica and her second album Never Say Never in 1998, a series of hit records established her position as one of the most successful of the new breed of urban R&B female vocalists to emerge in the mid-to late 1990s. The RIAA ranks Norwood as one of the best-selling female artists in American music history, having sold over 10.5 million copies of her four studio albums in the United States and over 25 million albums worldwide, to date. Additionally, she has won over 100 awards as a recording artist.

While maintaining a recording career Norwood also gained fame for starring in several film and television productions, including popular UPN sitcom Moesha (1996-2001), a supporting role in the 1998 horror sequel I Still Know What You Did Last Summer and starring roles in a 1997 version of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella and Double Platinum, two of television's highest rated special programs.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brandy_singer