Bobby V Lyrics

Genre: R&B

Bobby V Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Make You The Only One
2 Thank You Lord (Outro)
3 I Don't Need
4 Wishlist (Just Me And You)
5 3AM
6 She Got It All
7 Nothing On You
8 Be My Love
9 Butterfly Tattoo
10 Come Touch Me
11 Sweetness
12 Hammer Time
13 1st Class Love
14 Love Abuse
15 Give Me a Chance
16 Slow Down
17 Mista Valentino (Interlude)
18 Would You Be
19 Thank You
20 Night & Day
21 Save Me from Me
22 Never Give Up
23 I'll Forgive You
24 Can't Wait 'Til Later
25 I Was Wrong
26 Outfit
27 One Girl To Love
28 Hush
29 Mirror
30 Peach Moon Intro
31 Lights Down Low
32 Home Is Where You Belong
33 No Smoke Without A Fire
34 Hang On
35 Wreck
36 On It
37 Give Me Your Heart
38 Back To Love
39 Slow Down (Bonus Track)
40 Checkin' For Me
41 I'll Forgive You (Interlude)
42 Are You The Right One
43 Slow Down (Remix)
44 Make You Say Ooh (Remix)
45 Your Smile
46 Koko Lovely
47 Want You to Know Me
48 Only Human
49 Make You Say
50 Fly On The Wall (Intro)
51 Never Lonely
52 One Dose
53 Why?
54 Who Am I To Change
55 My Angel (Never Leave You)
56 Over & Over
57 Turn The Page (Instrumental)
58 Words
59 Tell Me Remix
60 V Day (Intro)
61 Alone
62 Gangsta Love
63 Right There (Thank You)
64 Turn The Page
65 If I Can't Have You
66 Put It Down
67 Hot
68 Love Dream
69 Let Him Go
70 Another Life
71 Fly On The Wall
72 Outro
73 One Night Stand
74 Some Bobby
75 Beep
76 Stay With Me
77 Altered Ego
78 Let's Go
79 Table Dance
80 Slow Down (Timbaland Remix)
81 Hands On Me
82 My Girl
83 Hummin'
84 Dance The Night Away (Interlude)
85 Special Occasion (Interlude)
86 Mirror (Single)
87 Anonymous
88 3 Is The New 2
89 Dance The Night Away
90 Phone #
91 Dusk Till Dawn (Intro)
92 Are You Ready
93 Fly On The Wall (Interlude)
94 If I Had My Way
95 Just Me & You
96 The Rebirth
97 Last Call For Love
98 Tipsey Love
99 Before You Break My Heart
100 Heaven
101 Rearview (Ridin')
102 On The Edge
103 Rock Wit'cha
104 Heaven (My Angel, Part 2)
105 Ooh (She Got Me Like)
106 Role Play
107 Tell Me
108 How 'Bout It
109 You're Not Alone
110 L.O.V.E.
111 Cum Baby
112 Rock Body
113 Put It In
114 Never Leave You
115 Soon As I Get Home
116 I'll Forgive
117 Grab Somebody

Bobby V Bio

Bobby Wilson (born on February 27, 1980), better known by his stage name Bobby V (previously known as Bobby Valentino), is an American recording artist (his nickname being "Valentino" because he was due to be born on Valentine's Day). He is now known as Bobby V due to a lawsuit involving an English singer, song writer and musician who has been recording and performing under the name Bobby Valentino for over 35 years.

Bobby V was born Robert Wilson on February 27, 1980, in Jackson, Mississippi. He later moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended North Atlanta High School. Growing up V listened to Michael Jackson, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Marvin Gaye, Jodeci, and The Isley Brothers. Those were the artists that inspired him to become a R&B singer. He later returned to his old high school appearing on the debut episode of MTV's Once Upon A Prom, which aired on May 19, 2007. V entered the music scene in 1996 as a member of the R&B youth quartet Mista, at this time using his real name, Bobby Wilson. Under the production of Organized Noize (TLC’s "Waterfalls"), the group released their self-titled debut album, which produced the chart topping single, "Blackberry Molasses". Unfortunately, the album did not follow in the same success and despite a second album being produced by Tim & Bob, it was never released. Due to management issues the group split in 1997. Bobby later enrolled at Clark Atlanta University majoring in Mass Communications.While in school, Bobby V continued to record in his free time in hopes of one day returning to the stage. In the spring of 2002 he auditioned for season one of American Idol, but did not make the cut.