Bobby Horton Lyrics

Bobby Horton Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Beach Spring
2 Turkey In the Straw
3 The Kentucky Battle Song
4 The Soldier's Grave
5 Medley: Fiddlin' Annie/Red Iron Ore
6 Camptown Races
7 I Love to Be a Soldier
8 The Brass Mounted Army
9 Nearer My God to Thee
10 Evelina
11 Corporal Schnapps
12 Vicksburg Is Taken
13 The Christmas Hymn
14 Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier
15 Maryland My Maryland
16 Bury the Brave Where They Fall
17 We Wish You a Merry Christmas
18 We Are Coming Father Abraham
19 Old Abner's Shoes
20 Rapture
21 Solitude
22 The Infantry
23 Wearing of the Gray
24 Medley: Red Iron Ore/Melody 1-17-03
25 Beautiful Dreamer
26 Campfire Medley: Granny Does Your Dog Bite? / Arkansas Traveler
27 When Upon the Field of Glory
28 Poor Wayfaring Stranger
29 For Bales
30 We Are Marching On to Richmond
31 Hard Times In Dixie
32 Medley: Oh Come Emmanuel, Bring a Torch Jeannette Isabella
33 The Riflemen of Bennington
34 Rose of Alabama
35 He's Gone to the Arms of Abraham
36 Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring
37 Grafted Into the Army
38 Cheer Boys Cheer
39 Fairfield
40 Shady Grove
41 John Harrolson, John Harrolson
42 The Battle Hymn of the Republic
43 The Persia's Crew
44 The Glendy Burk
45 Mother Is the Battle Over?
46 Short Rations (To the Corn-fed Army of Tennessee)
47 Rock of Ages
48 Stonewall's Requiem
49 Virginia's Bloody Soil
50 Faded Coat of Blue
51 We Three Kings
52 Lovely Nancy
53 All Quiet Along the Potomac Tonight
54 Children of the Battlefield
55 The Hallelujah Chorus
56 Weeping, Sad and Lonely
57 God Save the Southern Land
58 Abide With Me
59 Villulia
60 The Soldiers' Suit of Grey
61 Dixie, the Land of King Cotton
62 Fiddlin' Annie
63 Gentle Annie
64 The Stars of Our Banner
65 Roll Alabama Roll
66 Your Mission
67 Old Abe Lies Sick
68 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
69 Union Dixie
70 Away In a Manger
71 Katy Cruel
72 Stonewall Jackson's Way
73 How Are You Conscript?
74 The Mystery and Majesty of the Mountains
75 Kingdom Coming
76 Root Hog, or Die
77 Pensive Dove
78 Whiskey Before Breakfast
79 The South Shall Rise Up Free
80 The March of the Southern Men
81 Driving Saw Logs On the Plover
82 If You've Only Got a Mustache
83 The South
84 The Girl I Left Behind Me
85 Promised Land
86 Cumberland Gap
87 The Army of the Free
88 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
89 Jingle Bells
90 The Fate of John Burgoyne
91 The Homespun Dress
92 Our Comrade Has Fallen
93 Mountain Air
94 Take Your Gun and Go, John
95 Somebody's Darling
96 The Reluctant Conscript
97 Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed
98 The Last Rose of Summer
99 General Butler
100 We Conquer or Die
101 Pristine
102 Old Black Joe
103 Take Me Home
104 Johnny Is My Darling
105 Rise My Soul
106 The Young Volunteer
107 In Good Old Colony Times
108 Come In Out of the Draft
109 Hark the Herald Angels Sing
110 Chester
111 Battle Cry of Freedom
112 The Blue Tailed Fly
113 Ester
114 Tenting On the Old Camp Ground
115 The Southern Soldier Boy
116 Bright Canaan
117 Oh! Suzannah
118 The Mother of the Soldier Boy
119 The Soldier With a Wooden Leg
120 Medley: Bright Canaan/Interlude
121 Sweet Emerald Isle
122 Mother Would Comfort Me
123 Aura Lea
124 Morning Trumpet
125 The John Hunt Morgan Song
126 To the Ladies
127 When This Dreadful War Is Ended
128 Good King Winceslas
129 Marion's Men
130 The Yellow Rose of Texas
131 Never Forget the Dear Ones
132 Sourwood Mountain
133 Good-bye, Old Glory
134 Goober Peas
135 Joseph
136 Old Folks At Home
137 General Forrest, a Confederate
138 The Battle of Shiloh Hill
139 Lady Owen's Delight
140 Nothing But a Plain Old Soldier
141 Darling Nellie Gray
142 Clear the Tracks
143 How Firm a Foundation
144 The Plains of Manassas
145 The Liberty Song
146 Hard Crackers
147 What Child Is This
148 The Surrender of Cornwallis
149 The Rebel Soldier
150 The Consolidation Song
151 A Walk In the Forest
152 Battle Hymn of the Republic
153 Ye Cavaliers of Dixie
154 Just Before the Battle Mother (Parody)
155 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
156 Massa's In the Cold, Cold Ground
157 Hood's Old Brigade
158 The Southern Soldier
159 Apostles #1
160 Exultation
161 My Southern Land
162 Lincoln and Liberty
163 Stand Up for Uncle Sam
164 The Upidee Song
165 The Destruction of the Tea
166 The Fall of Charleston
167 The Boar's Head
168 Medley: Flannagan's Favorite / the World Turned Upside Down
169 The Bonnie Blue Flag
170 Poor Kitty Popcorn
171 Billy In the Low Ground
172 The Soldier's Farewell
173 The Captain and His Whiskers
174 Calvary's Mountain
175 Dolly Day
176 The Conquered Banner
177 Think of Your Head In the Morning
178 Beside Brown Waters
179 Amazing Grace
180 The Capture of 17 of Co. H, 4th Texas Cavalry
181 The Army Bean
182 God Save the Nation
183 Rock of Ages / On Jordan's Stormy Banks
184 The Banks of the Dee
185 The Songs We Sang Upon the Old Camp Ground
186 Medley: While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks, Oh Come Little Chi
187 New York Volunteer
188 Riding a Raid
189 Auld Lang Syne
190 Medley: the Foggy, Foggy Dew / the Red Haired Boy
191 The Cross of the South
192 Boys, Keep Your Powder Dry
193 Evening
194 My Old Kentucky Home
195 God Will Defend the Right
196 Johnny Is Gone for a Soldier
197 Pleyel's Hymn
198 O! No He'll Not Need Them Again
199 Brother Green
200 To Canaan
201 The Kennesaw Line
202 Robin Adair
203 Abraham's Daughter
204 Lo How a Rose
205 May God Save the Union
206 Lorena
207 The Star Spangled Banner
208 Do Not I Love Thee, O! My Lord
209 Old Abe's Lament
210 Mister Here's Your Mule
211 Come Thou Fount
212 Jeannie With the Light Brown Hair
213 Confederate Song
214 Soldier's Joy
215 He Leadeth Me
216 Southern Birthright
217 The Invalid Corps
218 Billy Barlow
219 Deck the Halls
220 Yankee Doodle (The Yankee's Return from Camp)
221 The Union Volunteers
222 Masters In This Hall
223 We'll Fight for Uncle Abe
224 'Twas At the Siege of Vicksburg
225 Dunlap's Creek
226 Salutation
227 Cluck Old Hen
228 The North Carolina War Song
229 The Drummer Boy of Shiloh
230 Pisgah
231 Angelina Baker
232 Our Boys Are Gone
233 Strike for the South
234 A Morning Song
235 Wait for the Wagon
236 The Flag of Columbia
237 Who Will Care for Mother Now?
238 Medley: Oh Come All Ye Faithful, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Th
239 The Irishman's Epistle
240 Rally 'Round the Flag
241 The Holly and the Ivy
242 Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade
243 Home Sweet Home
244 Greenfields
245 Medley: the Trail of Tears / O'Carolyn's Farewell to Music
246 The Cavaler's Glee
247 Gay and Happy
248 Eternal Father Strong to Save
249 Old Dog Tray
250 The Southron's Watchword
251 Melt the Bells
252 What Wondrous Love
253 Virginia Marseillaise
254 What's the Matter?
255 De Day Ob Liberty
256 Coventry Carol
257 Sir Peter Parker
258 Brave Boys Are They
259 Angels We Have Heard On High
260 Marching Along
261 Oh I'm a Good Old Rebel
262 Expression
263 Cold, Frosty Morning
264 The Bowld Sojer Boy
265 Katy Wells
266 Stories to Tell
267 Jenny's Coming O'er the Green
268 Annie Laurie
269 Richmond Is a Hard Road to Travel
270 I Will Arise
271 Jine the Cavalry
272 Garyowen
273 God Bless My Boy Tonight
274 The First Noel
275 Formal Dance Set: Congress Minuet / Constancy
276 Everybody's Dixie
277 High Toned Southern Gentleman
278 Hannukah Song
279 The Vacant Chair
280 Long Ago
281 Say Brothers
282 The High Mountains
283 Do They Miss Me At Home?
284 A Life On a Vicksburg Bluff
285 Opus 10
286 Hard Times Come Again No More
287 The Battle of Shiloh
288 Pray, Maiden, Pray
289 Slane
290 You Are Going to the Wars Willie Boy
291 Just Before the Battle Mother
292 Skedaddle
293 Joy to the World
294 The Battle of Trenton
295 God Save the South
296 The Grant Pill
297 Silent Night
298 The Why and Wherefore
299 Dixie
300 Land of Rest

Bobby Horton Bio

Bobby Horton is one of two musicians with this name to come out of the city of Birmingham, AL, during the 20th century and establish international reputations. Historical eras as well as interests separate them in the ways a commonly used name cannot. While the jazz trombonist credited as both Robert Horton and Bobby Horton began working in the '20s on the big-band and dance-band scene, multi-instrumentalist Bobby Horton started recording songs from the American Civil War in the mid-'80s. More than a dozen such releases later, he is considered an expert in this era of music and beyond that something of an overdubbing genius. He performs selections as a trio, a quartet, and so forth, utilizing some 14 different instruments associated with traditional music, including the Dobro and the harmonica.