Bobby Bare Lyrics

Genre: Country

Bobby Bare Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Drop Kick Me, Jesus
2 The All American Boy
3 500 Miles away from Home
4 Streets Of Baltimore (1966)
5 Gotta Travel On
6 JeannieÂ's Last Kiss
7 Lorena
8 Dropkick Me Jesus
9 Miller's Cave
10 Day The Saw Mill Closed Down
11 Travelin' Minstrel Man
12 Sunday Morning Coming Down
13 Blind Willie Harper
14 Margie's At The Lincoln Park Inn (1969)
15 When I've Learned
16 Banks of the Ohio
17 Strange Bird
18 Streets Of Baltimore
19 Drink Up And Go Home
20 What Kind Of Bird Is That
21 I Need Some Good News Bad
22 Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
23 Me And Jimmie Rodgers
24 Hello Darlin'
25 Sure Hit Songwriters Pen
26 Rough On The Living
27 When Love Is Gone
28 Shenandoah
29 Ride Me Down Easy
30 Town That Broke My Heart
31 Drinkin' From The Bottle (Singin' From The Heart)
32 I've Lived A Lot In My Time
33 The Game Of Triangles (with Norma Jean & Liz Anderson)
34 New York City Snow
35 No Sad Songs For Me
36 How About You
37 Sweeter Than The Flowers
38 Down To My Last Come And Get Me
39 Marie Laveau (1974)
40 When The Wind Blows In Chicago
41 Woody
42 Your Husband, My Wife (with Skeeter Davis)
43 When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down
44 Early Morning Rain
45 If That Ain't Love
46 They Covered Up The Old Swimming Hole
47 Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back
48 Dropping Out of Sight
49 Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)
50 Qualudes Again
51 The Winner (1976)
52 Where'd I Come From
53 Tennessee Stud
54 My Heart Cries For You
55 God Bless America Again
56 Find Out What's Happening
57 Worried Man Blues
58 In The Hills Of Shiloh
59 Lynchin' Party
60 Pursuing Happiness
61 Mama Bake a Pie (Daddy Kill a Chicken)
62 Talk Me Some Sense
63 Goin' Back To Texas
64 A Beggar
65 Which One Is To Blame
66 Tom Dooley
67 A Dear John Letter
68 How I Got To Memphis
69 Finger On The Button
70 Homestead On The Farm
71 In The Misty Moonlight
72 Sailor Man
73 Rainy Day In Richmond
74 Help Me Make It Through the Night
75 That's All I Want From You
76 I Can't Watch The Movie Anymore
77 Alimony
78 World's Last Truck Driving Man
79 The Devil and Billy Markham
80 Folsom Prison Blues
81 Let me Tell you About Mary
82 Invisible Tears
83 Jesus Christ What A Man
84 Real Thing (More Than A Memory)
85 For the Good Times
86 That's How I Got To Memphis
87 Going Down the Road (I Ain't Going to Be Treated This Way)
88 Gambler
89 You Can't Stop The Wild Wind From Blowing
90 Got Leavin' On Her Mind
91 Green, Green Grass Of Home
92 We Helped Each Other Out (For A While)
93 Bird Named Yesterday
94 Is It Wrong (For Loving You)
95 Somebody Bought My Old Hometown
96 Rodeo Queen
97 Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends
98 That's How I Wanted It To Be
99 John Hardy
100 Goin' Home
101 All American Boy
102 Don't Turn Out The Light
103 The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp
104 Goin' Up's Easy, Comin' Down's Hard
105 Air Conditioner Song
106 Just A Closer Walk With Thee
107 Look Who I'm Cheating On Tonight
108 Rosie's Restaurant
109 Waitress At Main Street Cafe
110 There Never Was A Time
111 Boll Weevil
112 Four Strong Winds
113 All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
114 Mary Ann Regrets
115 Guess I'll Move On Down The Line
116 I've Got A Thing About Trains
117 Just To Satisfy You
118 Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
119 She Called Me Baby
120 Good For Nothing Blues
121 This Guitar Is For Sale
122 Farewell Angelina
123 Roselee
124 Have I Stayed Away Too Long
125 Another Love Has Ended
126 Hard Time Hungrys
127 Are You Sincere
128 Leave My Baby Alone
129 If You Think I'm Crazy Now (You Should Have Seen Me When I Was A Kid)
130 She's My Ever Lovin' Machine
131 Numbers
132 Tired Of The Road Joe
133 House of the Rising Sun
134 So Soon
135 It's Alright
136 Bathroom Tissue Paper Letter
137 Margie's at the Lincoln Park Inn
138 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
139 Beguilled Bashful Burnt
140 Let's Make Love Not War
141 The Woman In Every Man's Life
142 Sing For The Song
143 Some Days Are Diamonds (Some Days Are Stone)
144 Too Many Nights Alone
145 Lookout Mountain
146 Time
147 Dear John Letter
148 Big Ben Colson
149 Abilene
150 He Was A Friend Of Mine
151 I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again
152 Long Black Limousine
153 You Made A Believer Out Of Me
154 Singer Of Sad Songs
155 Tequila Sheila
156 Too Used To Being With You
157 I Was Drunk
158 True Love
159 Together Again
160 Blue Is My Lonely Room
161 The Streets of Baltimore
162 Heaven Help My Soul
163 Shame on Me
164 Loving Her Was Easier
165 Don't Think You're Too Good For Country Music (Just Because You Can Rock & Roll)
166 Singin' In The Kitchen
167 Rock Star's Lament
168 Detroit City
169 Unemployment Line
170 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
171 Valentine
172 Times Are Gettin' Hard
173 California Dreams
174 Your Favorite Hat
175 I'd Fight The World
176 Monkey And The Elephant
177 Lullabys, Legends And Lies
178 Hillbilly Hell
179 Six Days On The Road
180 Crazy Again
181 Watching The Trains Go By
182 Dark As a Dungeon
183 Y'all Come
184 Long Black Veil
185 Can't Seem To Get Nowhere
186 The Long Black Veil
187 I Don't Care (Just As Long As You Love Me)
188 Bless America Again
189 Maggie (I Wish We'd Never Met)
190 Wilma Lou
191 Where Have All the Seasons Gone
192 Stacy Brown Got Two
193 Tecumseh Valley
194 West Virginia Woman
195 I Was a Young Man Once
196 Your Adorable Beast
197 Little Bit Later On Down The Line
198 Candy Coated Kisses
199 I'm Gettin' Lonely
200 The Game of Triangles
201 Me And Bobby McGee