Bloc Party Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Bloc Party Lyrics - by Popularity

1 So Here We Are
2 The Prayer
3 Banquet
4 Halo
5 Luno (Bloc Party Vs. Death From Above 1979)
6 Hunting For Witches
7 Trojan Horse
8 The Pioneers
9 Ion Square
10 Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
11 Talons
12 Ares
13 I Still Remember
14 Blue Light
15 Mercury
16 Ion Square (Banjo Or Freakout Remix)
17 Storm And Stress
18 Biko
19 Staying Fat
20 Signs
21 This Modern Love
22 Zephyrus
23 Better Than Heaven
24 Little Thoughts
25 One More Chance
26 This Modern Love (Dave P. & Adam Sparkles' Making Time Remix)
27 Pioneers
28 Helicopter
29 Cain Said To Abel
30 We Were Lovers
31 We're Not Good People
32 I Love You (La La La)
33 The Love Within
34 Exes
35 Trojan Horse (John B Remix)
36 Skeleton
37 Banquet (Dance Remix)
38 Mean
39 Leroy
40 Positive Tension (Blackbox Remix)
41 The Good News
42 Talons (Phones Rip Remix)
43 So Here We Are Again
44 Emma Kate's Accident
45 Leaf Skeleton
46 Numbers in Action Sticky Remix
47 Only He Can Heal Me
48 Positive Tension
49 The Answer
50 The Once And Future King
51 Banquet (EP)
52 Letter To My Son
53 Battle
54 Waiting For The 7:18
55 So Real
56 Like Eating Glass
57 Cavaliers And Roundheads
58 Say It Right
59 She's Hearing Voices (EP)
60 Your Visits Are Getting Shorter
61 Space Alarm
62 Selfish Son
63 Fortress
64 The Marshalls Are Dead
65 Two More Years (Single Version)
66 So He Begins to Lie
67 Black Crown
68 Flux
69 Rip Groove
70 Where Is Home?
71 Different Drugs
72 Tulips (Club Version)
73 Helicopter (Whitey Version)
74 3x3
75 Straight Thru Cru
76 Shuffering & Shmiling
77 Into the Earth
78 Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)
79 Hero (Single Version)
80 Octopus
81 Octopus (Rac Mix)
82 Jeg Vil Vare Soppelmann
83 My True Name
84 So Here We Are (Four Tet Remix)
85 Plans
86 Real Talk
87 Octopus (Koreless Mix)
88 Sun Can't Compare Long Version
89 Ares (Villains Remix)
90 Virtue
91 Rhododendrons
92 Kettling
93 Lean
94 Kreuzberg
95 Percolator Jamie Jones Vault Mix
96 Biko (Mogwai Remix)
97 Living Lux
98 Price Of Gas
99 Compliments
100 Day Four
101 Ratchet
102 On
103 Like a Child Carl Craig Remix
104 Eden
105 Price of Gasoline
106 Coliseum
107 Obscene
108 Platform Samoyed Remix
109 Halo (We Have Band Dub)
110 New Blood
111 She's Hearing Voices
112 Letter To My Son (Gold Panda Remix)
113 V.A.L.I.S.
114 French Exit
115 SRXT
116 Look Koreless Remix
117 One Month Off (Filthy Dukes Remix)
118 Paraiso
119 The Present
120 Mercury (Herve Is In Disarray Remix)
121 Team A
122 Montreal
123 Always New Depths
124 Tulips (Original Version)
125 Evening Song
126 Hero
127 Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix)
128 Truth
129 Children Of The Future
130 Sunday
131 Cells Shaped Like Stars
132 Luno
133 Two More Years
134 Zephyrus (Phase One Remix)
135 The Healing
136 One Month Off
137 Intro
138 Uniform
139 This Is Not A Competition

Bloc Party Bio

Bloc Party is a British indie rock band, composed of Kele Okereke on vocals and rhythm guitar, Russell Lissack on lead guitar, Gordon Moakes on bass guitar and Matt Tong on drums. Their brand of indie rock has been compared to bands such as The Cure, Gang of Four and The Strokes.

The band formed at the 1999 Reading Festival by Okereke and Lissack. They went through a variety of names before settling on Bloc Party in 2003. Moakes joined the band after answering an advert in NME magazine, while Tong was picked via an audition. Bloc Party got their break by giving BBC Radio 1 DJ Steve Lamacq and Franz Ferdinand's lead singer Alex Kapranos a copy of their demo, "She's Hearing Voices", which was later released as a single.

In February 2005, the band released their debut album Silent Alarm. It was critically acclaimed and made NME's Album of the Year list. The album was certified platinum in the UK a year later. The band built on this success with the release of their second studio album, A Weekend in the City, in 2007. The album reached a peak of number two in the UK and number twelve in the Billboard 200. In August 2008, the band released their third album, Intimacy.

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